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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Drop Dead Sexy Because of Texan

See she talked about her new Tractor Supply boots adding to her cuteness.  Well since I am just cha cha for farm girl fashion; I trotted off over there to see what treasures I could find.  While she purchase those slick Mod Style boots; I decided on Mauve Yumminess to dress of my chores. Head on over to Texan's to see her snappy pair of FARM GIRL CUTENESS will ya. LOL
New Farm Girls Callie (supervisor) and Lisa are doing evening chores.  The hogs did not know exactly know what to think of Ms. Callie however, they love Ms. Lisa because she find them tasty tubers when weeding.  So they let me Callie in their club of mud without much chuffing and huffing.
By mid afternoon, Ms Callie had settled into our farm routine.  She spent the night sleeping on the back porch.  She has only barked twice at passing cars.  She is curious about the chickens and goats but has not chased them thus far.  She even stood guard while the nightly chicken roundup happened.  GOOD DOG!

Here are our free-ranging, 'point of lay girls.'  There is one stately Americana rooster; who keep them on their toes.  They mostly ignore Ms. Callie since she is a calm, non-agressive addition.
Dust bathing at sunset which even our goats participate.
Dang rooster, far right he appears to be camera shy.
These are poppa's peppers. OMG HAWT! I don't see how he can eat them but since the tomatos went belly up in the heat. The peppers are triving, this little bush is just chock full of blooms. I can't wait to start some more tomato, herb, squash, and other fall items.  We have a second planting season here once you can get past blasted Inferno August.

 Oh yeah, I love our new husqavana (Husky) riding mower; she has made my life so much easier -- what a blessing. Monday we will have the new storage building delivered since the business did not get the permit to move it on public roads in time for Saturday.  I am super stoked because we can start building Lisa's own place (or man cave) and have a storage room for all hubby's tools and farm stuff. 

Otherwise all is well at our homestead, we are just busy with small details that actually take a lot of time to accomplish.  Is it the same for the rest of ya'll?  I figure so with summer coming to a close and school starting back up for those with children. 


Sharon said...

Very cool boots! I want a pr for trumping around outdoors!

Calli has settled in quite well, that's great! So much better than a puppy that cries all night! She sounds like a good girl!

My garden is PFFT! Remind me in the spring, that my gardening stinks.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Sharon,

Are they yummy? So far, so good. No kills to record. She is begining to follow us about the place as we do our chores.

Man, Don't I know your gardening woes. It's just too flipping hot to breathe here.

Cat said...

Mauve. I think these are cool! She of the traditonal chocolate brown/red boots...


Anonymous said...

Love the boots. While I consider myself a farmgirl diva....giggling....I am on the lookout for farmgirl fashion as well....LOL...I did find some really cute shirts at our tractor supply. I also found my daughter some really cute pink muck clogs for when she visits. She liked them so much she took them home. I think I will check out the muck boots next time I visit.

Nice looking flock and dog. Congratulations on your new family member Callie.

Texan said...

Hey nice boots girly :O)....

I wore mine today while on our Husky mower for 3 yes 3 hours..Dh was on big tractor bush hogging while I mowed on Husky in the tight spots and such..

Whew as you would say HAWT... but looks like someone lives here again!