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Monday, July 26, 2010

What a Week!

I am thankful for all we have.  Especially for our health and hubby is recovering; he has an appt this morning with the surgeon for the followup.  Personally, I believe he needs another week off work since he is still hobbled and can not bend his knee comfortably.  Then again what do I know?

So much happened these passed two weeks: land clearing, Hoe Hen Inn deconstruction, brush removal, Husky delivery, Zephyr learning to spell three letter words and recognize rhymes, Saenz has been reading pilot manuals that Mr. Larry sent him, 5th class started of my master's program, chicken relocation to main coop (they had to be retrained -- you can teach an old hen new tricks), making traditional family foods, computer updates that work now, new internet provider, Sid and Lisa visiting twice, and on and on.

I have seen the Back to School displays and kinda felt a twinge wondering if I am doing the right thing for our boys.  Will they miss becoming a 'cog' in the social network of government dominated public schooling?  I don't know..........   I just wonder since Zephyr will not have those enduring memories of being separated from Mom & Dad on his first day of school.  I still remember my first day feeling apprehensive and scared of the unknown; then falling in love with knowledge after a bumpy first week (1972) but; I was in Talladega, Alabama  and not South Texas.  Following rules was easy since my mother ruled with an iron fist. 

Zephyr is only 5 going on 6; does he need to learn how to be submissive and quiet; just accept what is given him without question?  I don't believe so and this is where Saenz had trouble.  I have taught him to ask questions; respectfully.   I have taught him being sensitive is okay, tears are fine but, bullies ripped some of that from him and he hardened in order to survive.  So here I am questioning our choice to homeschool wondering if I have done the right thing?  All I can do is look at our three older children.

Junior barely graduated; he was bored and frustrated with Public School in Texas.
Sid dropped out; earned his GED last year now attending his first year of college.
Lisa dropped out;  awarded her GED this month.

While Gov Perry has said he has fought for Texas Public Schools; I have a hard time reconciling the historical past of our own family members.  Yes, a few have had sucess if you look out into hubby's family but, most have not.   I just believe for the most part public schools are a place to corrale children until they are brainwashed into learning half truths about America and their expected roles.  When the joy of learning is replace with funding and teaching test taking then no wonder the United States is falling behind. 

Then again, what do I know.  I am just one mother finding her way..........

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Sharon said...

You have been busy, busy, busy! How is your BP?

Like your new internet service? I wish I had a real choice, but it's Hughes or dial-up and sometimes they work about the same...

Seriously, if you can home school, and they can interface with a lot of other children - it is most likely the best for them all the way around. If it is too much for you - can you send to a parochial school? I did a semester at Cathedral in St. Paul, MN. I loved it, except maybe the missing out on lunch during lent - we had to go to Mass. (BTW I am not Catholic :-))

LOL, talking about retraining hens - my brother trained our Henny Penny to walk a tightrope! Who knows what else they can learn if you have enough time?

Have a good day, now, and take some deep breaths.