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Friday, July 30, 2010

Calypso Welcome to the Inn

She is looking a tad nervous and unsure.
Smelling the dew and chicken poo.
She barks at cars.
Kinda of skiddish but likes sliced cotto salami.
She is eating from our hands after two hours.
We are calling her, Calli for short.
And we may go back to get her sister.
So far no chicken casualties.
Next week, the vet for shots.
Whatcha think of our new baby?
A snapshot of Beeville for Randy @ Chicken Boys.

Are you ready for temps over 100 degrees??????????  I will be staying home to ensure Calypso gets used to our place and gets along well with the chickens and guineas. Dad is taking Zephyr, Saenz and Lisa to see Cats & Dogs 2.  I wanted to see it with the boys and hear their peals of laughter echoing the nearly empty theater.  Oh well, next time.

So far, all is well she is a very calm dog.  Which I am happy about.  She is the sister to a litter of  wiggling 3 month old puppies.   We picked an older dog because of her low key behavior and older dogs are harder to adopt out.  Everyone wants puppies to seems.  If she winds up getting used to us and doesn't go after the hens.  We will go back to pick up her littermate sister so, she can have company.  I think she is a beautiful one year old and is going to fit in well with our family.


Chicken Boys said...

OMG!! I've been thru that intersection a gazillion times!! I'd like to eat at Shorty's this weekend....if I could afford it! A 22 oz. sirloin would be nice. Beautiful dog. Mike almost got us another dog. But the pound finally showed up to get him. Sweet dog, but we just don't need another animal. Really.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Randy, I thought you might enjoy this. HUMMMMMMMS I will take you on a back road next time. LOL

We have been looking for a dog for our boys for a long time. They need a 'pet' since we moved Topsy and Turvy to Ms. Lilly's in Febuary.

Sharon said...

She looks like a real sweetie, it will take a while for her to get totally comfortable and you to see the real Calli. Is she house broke? I am really old fashioned and think that a boy should be having a dog in his room to talk to and tell his troubles to, you may not feel that way. Everybody has their own opinion.

Oh, jeez, is it going to get hotter? I can hardly take this!

Nekkid Chicken said...

I think she is house broken but, for now she needs to adjust to having new voices about her. I like dogs in the house; heck I don't even mind when they find strays about the place. Lizards, frogs, turtles --- whatever.

Yes Ma'am, We are heating up. To hot to start my maters down this way. Have to wait til mid August.

Melodie said...

Yeah! I know the boys must be on cloud nine! There is just something about boys and dogs.....! No I am not ready for the over 100*!!! I was through that intersection once...

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

I love her!!!
I'm sure after her adjustment period she will be just great at the farm!

Texan said...

What a cutey of a new doggy :O)...
Okay this has just been my experience but will share it.

I have usually always had one doggy at a time. Once we had two. They act differently and get a bit of a pack mentality. You may find your new friend is much easier to handle as a only dog than with a littermate. Just a thought :O). She has you guys for company you know :O).

Yes over 100 up to 105 all week. I am ready for fall girly.

Texan said...

Where are the new boots? :O)

Nekkid Chicken said...

The boys are super happy. She is such a mellow dog. YEAH

Texan your wish is my command. LOL