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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Simple Dinner & More Pics

This was the quick meal I made during the land clearing.  Rinse the birds, heat the oven to 350F, stuffed with half box of stovetop cornbread dressing.  Rub them with McCormick Sea Salt Mediterrean blend (tin container), pour in 1/2 cup soda, juice or water.  Put in oven for 1 hour 20 mins.  Then I went back to push mow for 30 min and then came in to baste the hens then back outside to mow again. Finish off, at the 1 hr 20 mark baste the hens after taking them out of oven. Let birds rest while taking the leftovers, I served with potato salad and apples for dessert.
Now back to the land clearing photos part two.
As you can see there is plenty of stuff left to take out of the stock pond.  We plan on digging it deeper and lining the pond with clay to hold water then add some catfish or perch so, the boys will have a fishing hole.  It is amazing how much stuff is still left to clean out.  There is no telling what all is left or buried in this area.  Next will come the huisache removal and burn, tree trimming, leveling, the original Hoe Hen Inn will be torn down, and then the 'hunting lodge added --- we have our work cut out for us but, I would have it no other way.  I really do enjoy having hubby home; these last two weeks have given me insight that our growing old together is quiet possible without us killing each other. LOL

OH! I almost forgot.  Sears delivered 'Huskie,' and I took the big ole girl for a mow.  I love her! I only put two hours on her and my entire job was completed.  I have never enjoyed mowing so much.  Hubby and I will be fighting to mow now she has come to our small homestead.


Sharon said...

Lots of work going on! EW, that pond still has a lot of stuff in it! Will be nice for you and the boys after it's finished though!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, I look forward to having things finished. Then again, nothing is ever truly finished is it? LOL

polly's path said...

wow, the stuff you found in the pond!!!!
We want to dig a pond, mud it with clay and stock it with fish at the back of our property where the land is really low and stays really wet. We've had it surveyed but here you have to wait for the county office to approve a plan, etc. Then I hear it will be about $7K to get it dug and mudded.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

I llove to see a woman work her butt off!!!

Chicken Boys said...

During land clearing? Did you find the chickens the the mesquites? LOL Looks yummy. I LOVE land and yard projects like that. I know it's hot! Drink lots of iced tea! I like ours here in NC better than Texas. We aren't afraid of sugar. Why is it that you can't get sweet tea in so many places in Texas?

NURA said...

nice post
dinner with chicken,,yum,yum . lecker.
I like chicken.