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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dead man walking: Repost from ebay

Dead Man Walking, ROFLMNCBOH
Posted Jul-30-08 07:31:15 PDT
Seems my 40+ Delaware Pullets decided to pull a chicken coop break. This morning while feedinng my chickens who free range. I noticed Tuber, Sprout, Sharkie and Stan making a loud alarm call. At first I thought it was a snake or critter under their raised coop. So with garden hoe in hand I checked: NOPE NADA
Then I am looking around when I see a white blaze come running for Uno and his flock of pullets. WHAT THE HAY! I look out towards the Delaware coop and sure enough; the middle coop door is standing wide open (I don't use the door) and my birds are in the free. ROFL
Little Man and I, tried to round them up; yet teenagers like to run free and took off in as many directions as their numbers. The only thing left to do was wait til the neighbor children come over this am and herd them back to safety. When they get hungry or thirsty they will go back to roost.
If they stray into my Aruacana, Uno, or Psyhco Rooster territory they will be chased back. Chicken Gangs Wars down in Texas. Any who, my hubby was the one who did not latch the door properly when he watered them last night. HEE HEE, thus the title of this post.
How is your slice of heaven?
Nekkid Chicken

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