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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Padukah rescue: repost from ebay

Good Morning, Have you been watching
Posted Aug-11-08 07:41:41 PDT
the Olympics? I have with my boys. That opening ceremony was stunning. Well, it was a fun weekend here with the TEXAS FIREBALL burning everthing in sight. Seriously was 103 on my back porch yesterday late afternoon. The heat keeps me very busy with fresh cool water for my animals.
Padukah, Beijing, and China (latest cochin banty peeps) had to be rescued and moved inside. Fire Ants attacked their nest and killed 10 other peeps as they were hatching out. Sad but that is mother nature here. At first, I kept them in a diaper box UNTIL Topsy & Turvy turned it over. The cats did not eat the babies just scared them into their metal food dish. Seriously, I had to rescued them from being trapped inside the food container.
Then, last night after I had them set up in a new box about 5 times larger. TURVEY, decided to "watch" the babies by jumping inside the box with them. Heee Heee, needless to say the peeps were not happy with the arrangement at all. Their yelling woke me up. Again I rescued them.
This morning Zephyr and I watched the Hummingbird wars going on in both front and back yard. Those little warriors attack everything coming near their feeders and trees. Which leads me to believe they have nested and have eggs. How is your slice of heaven?
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