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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Grand Chicken: repost from ebay

Well Shartey, You are Great Grand Chicken
Posted Aug-07-08 19:00:36 PDT Updated Aug-08-08 07:21:11 PDT
Seems Butterscotch and Orange Glo have 4 new peeps. Texas heat and fire ants killed two others before they got out of the shell. The four little fuzz balls are under their mothers for the night and will be moved into a chicken nursery tomorrow. Cranky Girl is still sitting a clutch of 8.
One of my Naked Hens, Buttah (Butthead's mate) had to get first aided today; she somehow managed to cut the skin on the back of her neck. BLACK SALVE to the rescue.....
Tuber, Sprout, Sharkie and Stan III have been moved into their luxury town home with our guinea keats and Sprocket (spanish red rocket) the lone Rhode Island red cockerel. The chicken babies are funny to watch enough though they are the same age as the keats; the guineas can fly up to six feet already. Leaving the chickens really pizzed off over their inability to fly to the top roost. ROFL
Honey, JoJo's mom has called and asked if we still wanted another female goat and a piglet. Seems our farm is growing.

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