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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Day: repost from ebay

Stretch, Yawn, and I live to see a new day
Posted Aug-08-08 07:29:46 PDT Updated Aug-08-08 07:36:38 PDT
Fingers crossed looks like my grapes will survive this season. The march of the pumpkin have really taken over me garden. Hubby and I will try to trelis the vines up this weekend. Who know four stalks of vining pumpkins would get so big seriously the flowers are big enough to drink out from like a tea cup.
Last night we found Butterscotch and Orange Glo had new peeps. I need to find Prett_blue_eyes to see if I can name a chicken in her honor. I want the name Padukah, ROFL doesn't it sound appropriate?
Here is the story of their arrival yesterday:

See Great Grand Chicken:

My naked neck hen Buttah's neck still looks angry, so I gave her a wound change and kept her secluded from the others. I have a feeling UNO had something to do with such a large wound. Any way, hate to keep her in such small area during the day since she is used to free range so, tonight I will move her and Butt Head and Creme to the new guinea house.
Honey hopefully will have our new piglet this weekend and take our 12 free range hens coming on point of lay.
How is your slice of.
heaven? Can't wait til this evening after chores the Olympics will be on. I am excited as I am for each Olympics.

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