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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shartey Coward: repost from ebay

Its true for all her buster and knowledge of the plant world and being addicted to gardening. SHARKIE PANTS hides behind Stan. ROFL, well her namesake does anyway!!!!!!!!!!

Tuber (rooster), Sprout, Stan and Sharkey (hiding)


I've got ONIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted Jul-12-08 12:37:20 PDTSorry, my garden keeps growing. ROFL, If you see Nowonder I need her to send me her mailing address. I got her two packets of turnip seeds. The same variety I call CHIA turnips. ROFLCommentReport this post Edit

Shartey ur GGrand son lost his virginity

Posted Jul-14-08 08:06:16 PDT Updated Jul-14-08 08:07:35 PDT


Yes Ma'am,

Uno yesterday at the tender age of three months secured an older hen in a scene from The Graduate. He lost his virginity to Lady Aruacana before Alpha Male and Romeo Brahma roosters were able to unsaddle the younger upstart. Life and Love happens early on the farm. Remember Uno is our first "natural" hatched chicken here at the Hoe Hen Inn.

Date of Birth: April Fools Day, 2008

Are you a proud Grannie?


Nekkid Chicken

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