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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Any buyers that: Repost from Ebay

Are there any buyers out here that? (saenzmom)
Posted May-19-08 15:30:53 PDT Updated May-19-08 15:31:51 PDTActually understand the Feedback System, Its true intent, The affect on sellers, The rebates for PAR EXCELLENT SELLERS? I mean really, all you sellers out there bitching, pissing and moaning;;;;;ask your self why the buyer left you a negative or neutral.
True, there are buyers who are vindictive and would neg or neutral a seller just because they are competition. However, people usually come to Ebay as buyers first and get turned out by sellers with: NO COMMUNICATION, BYTCHY ATTITUDE, PADDED SHIPPING, Media shipping for PAID PRIORITY, and CRAPPY ITEMS.
Ask yourself as a seller did your feedback go up today from REPEAT BUYERS. Then you will probably have nothing to worry about. But, if most buyers are like me----I will look for a new seller if you FOOK ME only one time. Think About it, being so negative out there for the world to see. BUYERS---LIKE ME----Are reading you think they will be UNETHICAL first.

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Back to topbunnyhoppinphoophoo ( 702) View seller's items View BlogI didnt read that cuz I dont care about the feedback crap....



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missbeansmama ( 41) View seller's items View Blogi am not even going there....

ok i will...buyers use it as leverage...u hold it hostage until u see what WE say about you and if we don't like you, your item, your customer service,your problem resolution, you leave neg in return..so then we moan and groan..

not all of you i know...but alot..i think the poeple here are too good for that!

How ya doing today

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tjsttng ( 2610) View seller's items View BlogYes I notice it went up big time!! I was in 2,265 and suddenly it went up to 2,557!
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jcorbohio ( 12514) View seller's items View Blogexactly. I would be pissed-off if I went out to eat and had to wear a sign on the way out of the restaurant that said "FFF Punk a$$ biatch"
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pretty_blue_eyes0 ( 3326) View seller's items View Blogthing is some new people dont understand the system and sometimes leave a neutral thinking its okay, and its not. its the same as a negative. so why have a neutral there? might as well take it out.
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Back to topblbaird725 ( 517) View seller's items View BlogI received a neutral from a new e-bayer in February. Never contacted me with a complaint and the feedback said, "it came". As of today I no longer have 100% positive feeback. YEAH!
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sniffles369 ( 507) View seller's items View Blogyour pretty cocky for a nekkid chicken...lol
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peamommy ( 188) View seller's items View BlogMy feedback went up today. I've only ever had 1 negative and that was as a buyer. However I did have a couple of neutrals (over a year ago so it doesn't effect me today) that were from half.com sales. The buyer left feedback saying something like "item as described, shipped in a timely manner-no direct communication with seller" which is all accurate & it's fair enough to mark it "neutral". I would have been quite mad if that neutral feedback had a negative effect on me today. Neutral should mean just that- there was a transaction of no major importance but all went well enough.
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saenzmom ( 537) View seller's items View BlogBL, I think Ebay needs to fix the neutral or do away with it all together.
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saenzmom ( 537) View seller's items View BlogALL I AM SAYING SELLERS:

IS THIS PISSING AND MOANING is turning me off and away from shopping.

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Back to toplove_beyond_reason ( 269) View seller's items View Blog"claps hands"

this is exactly what i have said.

only you said it better! thanks!

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