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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Anyone want to watch

Come dance with me for the last time for awhile. I can think of at least 36 bloggers represented by donations, banner runs with pink ribbons, and just general help. Thanks to all of you out there in blogger-land. As this auction will close late this afternoon. I will have met my basic goals and will be happy to wrap this auction up and focus more on my friend's on going medical journey. HUGS JO JO, I love you!

ROFL ~~~Charity auction report:~~~~~68 watchers, 44 bids, 1099 page views
There are at least 120 items. Will update you all when I pack it up for the final time. :O)
Please feel free to advertise and use this wonderful .gif that Sweet_rose_treasures daughter made for this auction:

or this one

"Dreams come true if, you follow them; instead of expecting dreams to follow you."
"The mark of a lady is not only her actions but, how she reacts to negative situations."
"A woman can do anything a man can do but with style; to still be considered classy." said, Nekkid Chicken
View your listing:Fuzzy Pink Thong Mystery Gift Box, 100% Charity Auction 300130133331
http://EzineArticles.com/?id=646086 (article by charmedbytina)
"Missing Woman Formation," drawn and sold by Saenzmom for the ABCF.

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Nekkid Chicken said...


This auction was done on behalf of JoJo. She died from breast cancer in December 2007. This charity auction was done in her name and raised $560 for the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

I love you JoJo
Nekkid Chicken