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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For Mixednut, Sept 2, 2007



Do U really love people?Posted Sep-02-07 18:12:53 PDT
Isn't it strange how a person you have never met or wrote to can make a difference in your life? Kat and Boddhi; you have both been in my heart again today. I hope all is well this is my ode:

Boddhi, My ShadeSeptember 1, 2007,
written by Nekkid Chicken

People often look yet choose not to see
Ears do so listen but won’t hear
Fingers reach and don’t feel
Hearts beat without a song

Each day that passes like a rain drop
In a soul’s storm of life
How long before the bucket is full
And flows no more

This blog is for Kat and her son Boddhi (Jason) who has Stage 4 Glio (brain tumor). I've thought of you all day & wanted to tell others of his "face." Boddhi is a lovely talented artist, father, that is living with a brain tumor. I told Kat, that his artwork to me is his "face" since I have never met him. I feel moved each time I see and interpret his flight with his condition and pain.
Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Nekkid Chicken

This writing reminds me of Boddhi:

by Khahlil Gilbran
A look which reveals inward stress adds more beauty to the face,
not mattter how tragedy and pain it bespeaks;
but the face which, in silence,
does not announce hidden mysteries--is not beautiful,
regardless of the symmetry of its features. The cup does not entice our lips
unless the wine's color is seen through the transparent crystal.


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