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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Padukah farm update: repost from ebay

Padukah & Beijing: Farm Update
Posted Aug-16-08 18:01:00 PDT
Seems life is moving on around here. Just last week we welcomed new members of our chicken family hatched by Butterscotch and Orange Glow. Two of the four chicks are still living and we named them Padukah after blogger Pretty_blue_eyes and Beijing for the city of this year's summer Olympics. One of the two were killed by fire ants and the other, China was crushed by Topsy when she jumped into their box.
Buttah Creme, Buttheads mate was injured on the day they were born. So we moved her into the day brooder to keep her safe from other hens. She had a 4 inch gash on the back of her neck; and it has healed nicely. She should be able to move back into the free range flock next week. Padukah and Beijing will be moved into the brooder outside on the night of the closing ceremony to stay with our Olympic theme.
PBE, I will post pictures next week after closing ceremonies.

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