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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hubby Spared: repost from ebay

My Husband has been spared!
Posted Jul-30-08 09:51:37 PDT Updated Jul-30-08 09:59:01 PDT
Heeee Heee, Saenz & Zephyr helped me get all of our endangered breed Delaware chickens back into their coop. (See last post for the chicken coop prision break story.) They are such wonderful helpers with the hens, goats, & guineas; farming is so rewarding and teaches our sons so much: selflessness, compassion, problem solving and humility.
I also had to rescue a banty, Sprout had gotten her head stuck in the feeder. I am seriously wonder if "Sharkie" is plotting the demise of other chicks in her pen because Sharkie was giving me the """SLY OVER THE SHOULDER, Stare." You know "SHARKIE" is a refined lady and needs her privacy, books and art.
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