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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mixednut555-09/04/2008:repost from ebay

19 Days, Waterfall, and dragonflies
Posted Sep-04-08 15:27:00 PDTI have been thinking of you for a long time almost as long as I walked with JoJo; though we have never formally met. Each time I focus on you with mediation and prayer; I get inner image of you--of dragonflies on summer breezes, green foliage, and warm smiles. I know of your pain, uncertainty, and fierce hope because I once held those traits close at hand.


Boddhi knows how much you care for him; I can feel it in the man that he has become and is expressed through his art. You taught him how to love himself, his daughter and the world and this is also depicted in his artwork. Sometimes though, his ‘old soul’ needs to roam to find spiritual fulfillment and to seek out new experiences. He knows he is dying (albeit we all are) but not with the finality of his cancer sentence. Boddhi does not mean to hurt you; he is just following his path to assuage his own guilt, sins and other let downs.


Now on to the waterfall, Kat all I can tell you here is; tears for you are okay. When I think of your waterfall; I believe perhaps it is our Creator’s way of being fruitful though you. Water is one of our life sustaining forces because much like our other needs without it we die. So perhaps your Waterfall moment is what refreshes you enough to carry on in this time of your life.


Just know, I think of you always. I come to the blogs to find your words.
Don’t give up,
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Back to topadalina04 ( 406) View seller's items | View Blog((((((((((((((((((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

thank you saenz those words mean everything when someone is in pain

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mixednut555 ( 6 ) View seller's items | View BlogI knew you were here. Thank you, my friend. As always, your words are beautiful and they feed my soul. Thank you. That is all I can say right now.

Much love,

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crouchingprairiedog ( 41) View seller's items | View Blog((((Kat))))))

Thank you Mal.

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mixednut555 ( 6 ) View seller's items | View BlogI also answered you on my own blog, Mal. You rock, thank you.

Thanks CPD

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