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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pet Death: repost from ebay

Pet Death: Goodbye Rocky
Posted Aug-30-08 08:59:30 PDT Updated Aug-30-08 09:00:28 PDTSaenz's pet snake died last night. This morning we have been busy with allowing Saenz to decide how we should honor Rocky. Actually he has taken the loss quite well. He made the decision to cremate Rocky and then we will bury the ashes this afternoon under the oak tree. The one thing about living with animals or humans is loss never gets easier even for children-- or adults.

Two years ago, Saenz would have been a puddle of mush and crying hysterics over the loss of a pet. Now, he is able to rationally think and plan a funeral while grieving over the loss of a friend. Later, we will say our eulogies, shed tears and hold each other. The one thing in which gives my family strength is our tight knit way of handling even the awful sides of life--part of our family glue.

Good bye & Hugs Rocky

May you find a lovely tree in heaven in which to wrap your coils around.
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