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Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Planting On Our First Day

IT'S 103 current temp no joke -- not counting heat index. 

So our afternoon lessons was a quick one.  We talked about how the sun aids in the growth of living organisms.  We made a 'green house' with an old egg carton for Zephyr's lesson.  Easy to maintain, the paper towel allows for watering without dislodging the seeds.  Saenz used some paper cups and planted the same seeds but, did not label his cups well.  Again, Lisa helps out...

We planted the first day of school so we could take care of something daily.  Also, it's a perfect way to gauge how far we have come.  Those mini key lime bushes will have to be replanted soon.  I planned to keep replants moving up  in container size with each break in our school year.
Another way of telling the passage of time (seasons) and the repetition needed in some aspects of teaching since my lessons are built upon like a foundation.

And if you don't hear from us tomorrow.  We have officially melted into puddles and please send ice cream for revival purposes! LOL


Sharon said...

I like your plan for the plants!

What is with the heat anyway? Whew! Not as bad here, but still over the norm, just like all summer.

troubadore9 said...

What are you going to put in their sack lunch tomorrow?

Jabacue said...

Mal, I don't know how you can STAND 103 degrees!!! I think I'd pass out!
Are you home teaching or do you have a very small class?
Being an ex-teacher, I appreciate what you are doing.

Judy's Corner said...

Love your lesson planning....those boys will surely learn so much from the experience! Hope the weather gives you a break tomorrow...we are finally back in the 90's for the past week or so! (Naturally, Joe and I had FINALLY gotten the little pool up, so it decided to get cooler!)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Good Morning Sharon, Larry, Jabacue, and Judy!

Man it was scorching yesterday. The heat delayed opening day for us with outdoor lessons.

Thanks Sharon, I figure one small way to explain the parts of a seed, plant and hopefully tree.

Jabacue, It was super tough but, we took lots of breaks (showers) only staying in the shade for 30-45 mins at a time. I am homeschooling because I found out Saenz was only proficient to third grade but, he was being passed into sixth. He has several learning disabilities. So who better than to teach him than a parent?

Larry, They are getting chopped chicken sandwiches, cucumber slices, milk or juice and an apple. LOL NUTTER!

Judy, No luck today on the heat. Yeterday I hung a line of clothes by time I put up the last piece the first one was dry. We are expecting a cool off this weekend though.

Jabacue said...

Lucky kids indeed!