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Sunday, August 1, 2010

So Damned Disappointed 8o(

Glad I listened to Texan by not going to pick up Callie's sister.  At one year old, she was just too full of the pack mentality and became a small animal killer.  We lost a hen as you can see.  I am beside myself with disappointment.  I called Callie's former owner and he agreed to take her back. (thank you kind sir)
She got a hold of our lonely bantam rooster, Uno and our Delaware, rooster Whites.  They will recover but, in this heat we will have to keep an eye our for them.  Poor babies, neigher of the animals understand what happened but, we can not have a bird killer at the Inn.  I have to occassionaly leave the farm to run errand or attend appointments.   I thought Callie had so much potential however, this morning I notice she had gathered up dropped feathers from the property.  That signalled a foreboding and now she is back at her original home.  The boys handled Callie's removal well since, Uno is one of their favorite birds.  I am seemingly the only one emotionally upset by this experience.
 I want a puppy that I raise on a bottle like I did with a little mutt, TOAD, I picked up on Crete, Greece.  Then I can train a puppy to suit our needs to be a watch dog and not a member of a pack.

P.S.  Don't forget Shark Week starts tonight on the Discovery Channel.  Perfect teaching tool for homeschooling parents and just good educational material in general.


Melodie said...

Sorry about the dog and the chickens...I know there is the right dog out there for you all and your farm...I am a dog person,I think everyone needs a dog,lol!

Sharon said...

So sorry it didn't work out. Once they start, there is not stopping them, well, unless they have shock collars and the chickens are in a pen. You have free range don't you?

Feeling bad for you and the boys.


rockonaudi said...

Awwww, so sorry that happened what a disappointment for sure. No, you can't have a doggie like that. You will find a sweet pup perfect for you and your family! ((((big hugs))) ♥

Judy's Corner said...

Darn it!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Yeah Ladies, I could not sleep well last night. So sad and guilty feeling. At least she went back to her pack. SIGH