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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Cool Homeschool Info

This is the weblink I found with an excellent PDF on Plant Reproduction.   This one particular PDF file is perfect for my classroom since, I can cut it down into several lessons appropriate to a 6th grader and Kindergartner.  When Ms. Sharon discussed not really understanding the process for 'cuttings' off her muscadine vines, I went searching so we could later do this in the classroom. 

Otherwise, I would like to welcome new follower Jana C, she has a blog I have been reading about her homeschooling process at Homeschooling a Texas Tornado.  The reason I stopped on her blog to begin with is her title.  We have called Saenz the Texas Tornado (Dedo) since birth.  As a matter of fact we call Zephyr the Maryland Mauler (Cubby). LOL 

I personally know of no hispanic child without a family pet name. Which sounds like an interesting study for cultural differences or similiarities. :O)

I have more sites I will add later.  We are trudging through a lesson  on 'averaging and percents.' I just love review. Enjoy, our lunch break is over.


Sharon said...

:o) Howdy!

polly's path said...

cool-I didn't know about Hispanic children and their family pet names.