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Monday, August 2, 2010

Got Pecker?

I think this is a female golden-front juvenille.  I don't know much about woodpeckers but, found this one on our front porch this morning.  You decide Red-Belly or Golden Front; though it is hard with juvenille birds sometimes.  This was one of the clearest images I got while she was trying to find her way off the front porch. Poor Thing, her call sounded like a squirrel distress call which alerted me to her position.  Don't tell her that, she will probably be insulted.
Today is delivery day.  Can't wait to start our next project.  Texan, I understand you girly.  Two or three hours of mowing every second or third day.  Though, with the rain being absent maybe I will get a break.  I have my new cow girl high-fashion broken in already.  Next, I will be trimming small trees and weed eating. ACK! So much to do so little time.

Off to do my homework, will check back later.


Sharon said...

Nice close bird shots! I have no idea what kind of pecker it is, except wood. Enjoy your studying! ;o)

Sharon said...

In response to your question about the water heaters - we bought ours on ebay, We got it from the only guy that was selling Olympia. Read, read, read. Make sure you have the proper sized panel to accommodate the one you choose. We got the 18KW version, it is basically going to be just the two of us from now on, you made need bigger etc, depending on your gallon per minute, coming out of your well etc. You can also buy these (different brand) from like Lowe's or Home Depot, but you will probably spend more. There are safety issues, so unless one of you is an electrician, you need to hire one, same goes for the plumbing. I would not ever have any other kind of water heater, since I have gotten so spoiled. If you have more then one hot water centers - you may consider putting in two smaller ones, it all depends on the configuration of your house.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

thats a big bird.... thrid photo is a cracker....
are they really noisy

Texan said...

Well you got me beat girly we havent had to mow in I know 3 or 4 weeks.. We were parched and then we got that rain and poof the grass took off.. so where yes it is hotter than the devils armpit right now, at least we are not mowing as often as you are having to!

Yep I wore those purty boots the whole time I was mowing and girly I had them on this morning too when I was inches, I tell you inches away from stepping on a black and green striped snake! ugggg its been the worst year for snakes here this year! Every kind you can think of we have had a abundance of! I couldn't go outside I don't think in regular shoes LOL