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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Seeds, Saplings to Parent Plant Starter

Our Thanks to Ms. Melodie over at Laughing Duck Farm for showing us how to 'start' a pineapple plant from a parent plant.  If you are interested you can simply go to my last post entry to see the 12 page PDF I am using to tailor our biology lessons. We learned to take the leaves off in a circular motion; once done the 'top' looks like a rose bloom reversed.
Our first week of school has been covering the following subjects:

Kindergartner Zephyr
Primary writing, owl pellet dissection, safety procedures in science, 'AT' rhyming word recognition, addition and subtraction, Pledge of Allegiance, clean up, plant biology, aerobics, reading, listening skills, and coloring.

6th Grader Saenz

Hand writing, math review of multiplication tables, division, averaging, geometric shapes, plant biology, Microsoft WORD use and tools, owl pellet dissection, safety procedures in science, aerobic exercise, reading, listening skills and drawing.

How we move our classroom outside:
Seed progression (none yet)
The Phantom of the Tollbooth will become our classrooms' Story Time book until we finish it.  NOPE, we will not be breaking for TAKS or TEKS. 
I will post later about parents suing school districts for 'searching' a students phones or social media sites for evidence of bullying. What do you all think?
Here are some really interesting reads:


Melodie said...

Thanks for the link to me! I hope your pineapple does great!

That whole bullying thing...I guess it depends on what side you are on...if your child is being bullied you would want every step taken but if your child is not a victim you don't want their privacy invaded...then do children really have a right to privacy....invading their "privacy" is always necessary as to keep them safe these days...tough call.I guess I would tell my son if you haven't done anything wrong then there is no harm in letting them see your text...and if you have done something you will answer to me and that will be far worse than what the school will do!

polly's path said...

We plant the top of every pineapple we buy, and my plants have grown huge, but unfortunately after years of doing that I have yet to have one to produce fruit. Maybe my soil or tems are not right...I also found that if i don't cover my pineapple plants really well in the winter(and not just mulch, either) they get frost bitten and die very quickly.

polly's path said...

I am with Melodie on the privacy thing...and, there is no expectation of privacy for us at home-I proudly admit to you that I go through my daughter's bag, her folders, and in the summer when we let her use a cell phone I check that too-hate me if you must. She is a fantastic kid and very sheltered and constantly parented, but I do it because I know there are some around her in school and even at church who are into some scary stuff already...

Sharon said...

A little cooler for you today, I am sure you are happy about that! You have good lesson plans - but think I would add a "slip & slide" physical education. Ha Ha! They still sell those things, right?

Oh, I know about the deer ticks - as long as they stay on the other side of the road.........

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Love it babe! the portable school room is awesome. Good luck!


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

you must be shattered organising these lessions...I take my hat off to you

polly's path said...

Mal-that site you sent me to is an absolute treasure!!!!
I am making fruit salad tomorrow for my daughter's cross country meet, and believe you me, I am going to buy at least two pineapples and start over. Immediately discovered exactly what i had been doing wrong-leaving the plant outside during the winter, in not enough light, and not fertilizing every other month during growing season. I am planting the new ones inside.

Jabacue said...

I think schools should have the power to do pretty well anything to STOP the bullying. I have seen and worked with kids that have been bullied. It is life changing and very devastating.No holds barred,I say.
You are a great teacher Missy!

Nekkid Chicken said...

You are so very welcome Melodie. I do not believe cell phones should be allowed inside the classrooms whether on or off. Too much distraction and temptation.

There was a study recently on teenagers not getting enough sleep. One of the biggest contributors was the cell phone being kept on their person and turned on at night so, they would not miss a message.

Really, there should be boundaries for everyone with technology. YES, it's good for emergencies but, not needed during the school day.

Those under the suspicion of bullying should be required to turn over their phone, the parent come into the pricipal' office, and both go through the messages, texts, or photos.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Polly, I am a 'noisy' parent as well because if I am responsible for my child's actions or behaviors. You bet your nanny, I will be conducting my own investigations. LOL

HEY Sharon, Yes, the Slip N Slide is still around. But, your lawn has to be perfect and debris free not to get hurt. IE no rocks and such. Good Morning

Nekkid Chicken said...

Jabacue, My son was bullying. He has been effected and still carries the emotional scars. Another reason I have started homeschooling. Children with learning disabilites are picked on something fierce. BTW, I loved your pics this morning.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Aaaaaaaaah John, You're making me blush. LOL