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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready For My Closeup

"DO YOU LOVE ME" Mrs. Loosey sings for her back scratching.
Sorry to report the pineapple's demise either bunny, chicken, opposum, or raccoon helped themself. It's all good though, I found a wonderful website I am going to share with you now.
Day 5: Nothing showing yet on Saenz's seeds. Zephyr's egg carton green house was knocked over by the wind so, we will be replanting after I picked up more pineapples from town.
Does this pole make my butt look fat?
"GOT SNACKS," asks Gabby?
Our gangly teenaged gang of keats.
Will grow up to look like this cranky chicken chaser.

School progress, the boys are loving the Phantom Tollbooth personally, I believe Saenz identifies with the main character Milo.  If you haven't read the book, it's one I highly recommend for children to build vocabulary or teach other life lessons.

This site will be where I will pick up some more dissection kits from Home Science Tools for our classroom after the last order comes in from Home 4 School Gear.  The boys have been nagging me to do more fun biology experiments so, I am going to follow up on their interests.  Besides, it is easy to build other lessons around a science themed curriculum in other areas of study such as: grammar, math, spelling and writing to keep their desire to learn high.

I will see ya'll later after storytime.


Talitha D'Andrea said...

Love all the pictures! Brings me back memories of how I grew up on a chicken farm - loved it too! Sounds like your boys are a lot like mine with the biology experiments. Brendan gets so excited when I tell him we have a new science experiment for the week :)

Sharon said...

Sorry about the pineapple and the upset carton!

Goodness, look at all the chickens and guineas! Looks like they survived a very hot summer, quite well!

It's great that the kids are taking in so much! I'm sure learning a whole lot more than in public school!
Love the science experiments...

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

guinea fowl teenagers.... not a pretty lot...I remember mine...gangly and clumsey

Nekkid Chicken said...

Tali, We do have fun. The boys do get excited about biology. I think Mondays will be dissection days for the next 16 weeks. It will keep them 'high' on expectation. Then after that will be chemistry.

So far Sharon, all the birds have done well in the heat. Unlike 60 days of over 100 degrees. We check on them 4 times a day to make sure watering cans are full.

Hey John, They crack me up with their shenanigans. And try to stay away from us at all costs. This is the first flock we have raised where all of them 'hate' us. Usually one or two likes the hand feedings.

Jeanette said...

I love the Phantom Tollbooth, read it to Donnie a few months ago, slowly making our way through Rald's BFG still. My throat gets sore doing the Giant's voices, Tollbooth was less damagin on my voice for all the characters!

Jabacue said...

Seems you have a pretty balanced life with everything you are involved with. Never know what your 'topic' will be. That's why I like to read it/

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Hello Lady!
Just wanted to stop by and say how much I love following your blog. I enjoy so much your good and bad stories. You inspire others. Thanks for the blogging friendship.


polly's path said...

I just put in two pineapple tops, blogging about it tomorrowz!