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Friday, August 6, 2010


I don't know what melts your butter however, for me the magic comes in the shape of a home improvement store. Growing up in southern California, my mom worked at National Lumber (the 70s/80s equivalent Lowe's or Home Depot.) Just being around all the hardware, electrical, plumbing, tile, cut lumber, doo-dads and doo-hickeys made me drunk with desire to work with my hands. 

Sometimes we went to work with mom, and get this as a young girl; I started soaking in enough knowledge by listening to my mom or her workers eventually, I  too was able to answer customers questions or tell them where the item they needed was located.  It was a 'super high or sense of power'  to see the shocked look on men's faces when females helped them.  Perhaps this is why my mother liked working there so much. She worked her way up from a blue smock cashier to a full manager.   I think I may have to apply for a part-time job now in Beeville. LOL

Oh and on a side note in case Randy drops by. Where is this happening???????? I love this oak tree.


Sharon said...

Not much melts my butter any more. Yah, Lumber yards and home improvement places are higher on my list of places I would be willing to go to.

I know what you mean about men being so surprised when they find out you KNOW something about building.

Oh, Girl, repair, remodel, or build - is always like opening a can of worms. Everything costs at least 50% more than you planned, no matter what you're doing. Our place is a money pit.

Texan said...

I love love love to go to Home Depot or Lowes! Can just roam around in there forever. Love to look at all the tools and many other things. I am pretty sure my DH likes that, I always think we neeeeed what ever tool it is he is looking at. I love tools!