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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Great Mousekapades of 2010

First let me begin by saying Happy 27th Birthday to our oldest, Junio.  Hope you fulfill all your dreams in the next 27.

Saenz was right about the number of mice that he had seen playing about the baseboards.  We must have secured all the pathways into the house and effectively trapped them in the house with us. We just made sure no food or water was available and then those hungry buggers came out in force. Last night, within 20 mins after the sun had went down and chicken chores were complete. 


The first trapped snapped on a mouse.  Now, I know if you look at the bellies: rats have six paired nipples whereas mice have five. Mice have triangular heads, shorter snouts, small eyes, and usually a longer tail than their body.  However, I am not into rodent biology and did not want to look to confirm.  This chicken mom does not handle them at all unless I have a long set of tongs; too many flashbacks to service overseas plus -- rats are aggressive.


Anyway back to the story, hubby and I put down more sticky traps and played the waiting game.  Saenz the said there's another one --- yeppers seems Micky set off a trap but, did not get caught until he beat feet right onto a glue trap.  By the end of the night four mice had been caught.  Hopefully, there are no more.  I found another 15 glue traps to set along the baseboard from Orkin tonight. 



Sharon said...

Well, Happy Birthday to Junio! Seems to be a very popular day to be born!

Haven't seen any mice around here lately, I think they are waiting for the cool weather, which it would seem, is very long in coming! Good luck with your mouse traps!

Vickie said...

We get an occasional mouse in our house, too. Haven't figured out where they get in. We had a family of them running around. They came out at night and whisked across the living room floor and straight to the dogfood bowel. Sticky traps and snaptraps came out and a few days later, they were all gone. They don't bother me too much except when they get on the cabinet and chew holes in the bread sack. Then it's OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!

Jennifer said...

We always end up with some mice in the house when the weather starts to turn cold. They come from the fields and our two cats are not good mousers. So I use traps but I hate when it just catches a leg or tail with a still very alive mouse on the end of it!