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Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School! Outdoor Classroom

This is our first day of school, after breakfast we went under the carport to have school instead of like regular kids.  A change of environment helps add a little excitement to our day.  Lisa was my teacher's aide.

We started the day after everyone dressed and had breakfast together.  We then gathered all the items we needed to take our classroom outside.  Thanks Dad for setting the table outside yesterday.
Our first day was spent dissecting an owl pellet.  We learned owls spit out the pellets instead of 'pooping' them out. 
We put on our safety gear.
Saenz really got a kick out of digging around in the pellet after soaking it in a bowl of water to soften it for easier removal.
We need to find Zephyr size googles and gloves for our next experiment.
Rodent skull in mom's hand. We found four complete skulls, rib bones, 2 spines, lots of various unidentified bones. (We saved those for another day.) Then as things were getting interesting and the temperature was rising two of our goats made a great escape.  So we used the Music Bells, Grumpy Gramps sent us to herd them back in the pen. 
Then we came back inside for lunch, Saenz had a headache and took a nap. Later when it cools off we are planting tomato, chives, cilantro, lettuce, muscadine from seed.  Plus we are going to try Melodie's planting of a pineapple top to see if we can get a tree going.  Not a bad first day.


Sharon said...

A very interesting first day of school! Interesting - about the owl contents.

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

That was SOOO AWESOME!!!!!

If only the school systems could show our kids adventures such as yours are lucky enough to receive!!

They are going to learn sooo much this year without feeling like a Task!!!


Maybe an Indoor Garden?
Like at the base.. but indoors

Melodie said...

We did the owl Pellets several years ago and my son loved it! He glued the skeleton on a piece of paper and it hung on our class room wall all year! You are ALL going to have so much fun homeschooling!

Melodie said...

I am sending you an e mail about books!

polly's path said...

sounds like a great school day! My daughter went to a nature center with her class a few years ago and all the kids got their own owl pellet to bring home. It has been one of her prized things-she loves to look through all the bones and sculls, all miniature.
Give me cilantro planting over algebra any day!!!! I love how you include such activities in your school day.

Randy said...

I wanted to see pictures of them waiting for the school bus.LOL!!!Those pics of scientist Zephyr are precious.

I had no idea the owl pellets were so full of goodies.I learned from your 1st day of school as well.

Tell me about the mystery meat in the school cafeteria lunch.

emajen333 said...

Awesome first day of school! SO cute in their goggles! They both look so intent!