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Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love These Shows

The Fabulous Beekman Boys (Green Planet for Discovery), and Mad Men (AMC Sundays @ 9 PM).

I just wanted to pass these on to you.  Brent and Josh with the help of lovable Farmer John learn how to farm
http://planetgreen.discovery.com/videos/the-fabulous-beekman-boys-welcome-to-beekman-farm.html  Their Diva Lama is too much and I love her; Polka Spot is charming.

Now Mad Men is so well-written that the series catapulted AMC into the spotlight.  The story lines are extraordinary and I find myself looking at all the props and costumes.  I just can not get enough of this show.  Since I could not find a Youtube with the embed code enabled.  I will leave you a link to the first season.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR0w37yQ4MI 

What I love, the people always dressed like having clothes was important.  There are no cell phones, text messaging, and many other advances.  What I find awesome is this story is so well written, my teen age daughter is just as addicted as I. 

Another point if the Simpsons and Seasame Street are doing Parodies of the show.

The show must be good.

Enjoy, I have visitors coming this morning then school work later. Take care Ya'll!


Sharon said...

Aw, we don't get AMC, too bad.

Good Morning, Mal!

Melodie said...

I have seen the FBB...not the other one though,I will have to look for it.

polly's path said...

will have to check them out. I get Discovery, but do i get AMC???

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, You would love them. My favorite is Polka Spot.

Melodie & Polly, I find myself drooling to watch Mad Men. The sets, costumes, props, and story lines are killer good. Plus, I see items on the sets sometimes my family, friends or others had. It's wonderful!