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Saturday, August 7, 2010

What We Are Doing Now?

Seems like each step of this process the start up cost begins at $500 or more dollars. Sutherlands delivered the electric pole complete with switch box.  Next hubby will dig the 4 foot hole to set it in and then we will have to have the inside wired, fuse box, light switches, and outlets.  One dude wanted $800 just to install the pole --- I hope he meant the cost of the pole was included.  Needless to say, we got it ourselves with free delivery.  Next step, after the inside install is to have San Patrico Co-op install a meter and hook it up. 

All I can think of now, is I want to make some homemade Menudo for breakfast tomorrow.  Hubby is in the kitchen making Spanish rice and an green enchilada casserole.  I love when he gets the cooking bug but, means I will have more dishes to wash.  Hope ya'll are enjoying the blazing enferno outside.  It is so humid, we are staying indoors today.
Just a picture from last year, Alpha Rooster meets Turvy during a first aid indoor visit.


Greg said...


Sharon said...

Whew, the best of luck to you! I hope everything goes well!

Know what you mean about your Hubby cooking, same deal here except my DH isn't very neat.

Wayyyy to hot outside again and going to climb to 3 digits again. Plumb miserable!

Haha, I wonder what the DC would think if I brought a chicken in here? I'll bet she would hide!

Cat said...

Oooooh, can I come to your house? Love what you are cooking. Really do wish I wasn't so far away, we have an auger on our backhoe, I would pay for my dinner, really!

I have put chicks in my bathtub to take care of them, but I think Husband would put ME in the henhouse if I tried to bring one inside...


Jabacue said...

Yes, I like it too when hubby gets in that cookin mood!
Gotta love Alpha Rooster!!

You collect the Primrose pattern of Fire King? Do you have the salt and peppers? If you do, hold on to them....very valuable. If not, now you can look for them. I've been looking for years. Very hard to come by. Nice pattern though.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Greg, Long time no see.

Well Sharon, I was doctoring Alpha. Sadly he was killed later in the year by a raccoon. Turvy was freaked out.

Cat Sure come on over. Hubby is bored and ran to SUPER S to get the few fresh ingrediants Menudo requires. And hubby was not home that day but, he is use to my being a fly by my seat kind of vet. LOL

Jabacue, You said a mouth full there about Primrose pieces being hard to come by. I only lack the salt/pepper shakers, and juice and water glasses. Other wise, I have collected almost two complete sets to pass on my sons (future brides) kinda as a reverse dowry thing.