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Thursday, August 12, 2010

‘Eggshausted’ Thursday

I am out of sorts today. Last night while my daughter and I bonded over watching the last season of Nip/Tuck (our dirty little secret) seems we were visited by the rodent fairy. Okay, I am leery of mice and their zipping metabolism about my house at night. Ever since, we have had the house leveled and re-leveled as it settled; mice have found passage ways into our humble abode. We have been stuffing steel wool in places; I did not know opened our foundation, dry wall, and plumbing to the great “Mousekapade” of 2010 because those buggers zoom like speed skating Olympians on ice.

No sooner than, Lisa headed off to bed; she let out a feminine peal of terror, came running back to the couch and said “Mickey is under the dresser!” LOL

Mickey took up residence in her room. I was not about to wake up hubby since, he gets up at 3:30 to make it to CCAD on time.  We had to hold off Mouse Hunting him down. Though he has a sizeable bounty on his head now -- death or eviction.  I will not be able to sleep well. Then no less than 15 minutes later, Saenz told me when I went to turn out his lights Mickey’s friends were dashing about his room – three of them. (WHICH I seriously doubt 3 Blind Mice are playing in his room, nonetheless Saenz requested the lights stay on for the night.

I woke up after a horrible time trying to sleep (mental images abound in my mind) thinking Mickey and his friends were going to play Knick Knack Patty Whack on my forehead during the night. Thus, I forgot to make coffee for my husband so the apology post earlier. As, I yawn and drink buckets of coffee just to get my chores done; I will be watching for San Patricio Electric to install the electric meter for the cabin since the company was a complete NO SHOW yesterday.

Will Keep Ya’ll Posted,

I am off to figure out where those little furry feet of flurry are finding their way into the house.


Sharon said...

Mice are so cute - in other people's homes. Can you get some live traps and let them off down the rode? I use a spoon sized shredded wheat biscuit in the trap, works like a charm and not as messy as peanut butter. I always wash the trap after each catch - they pee and maybe it's a warning signal?

Lots of luck there!

polly's path said...

Get yourself a cat, gal!!!
Our two cats don't let anything that moves come close to the house, let alone in it.

emajen333 said...

I second Sharon's idea! Trap 'em and free 'em, so they can do their Mickey on Ice shows elsewhere!

Texan said...

Well I am not really a cat person but hey if a cat works then ya get a cat LOL.. I may not be a cat person but I am TOTALLY not a mouse person either LOL...Hope you figure out where they are getting in!

Talitha D'Andrea said...

LOL! I love the comic! We had mice last year in our garage. Somehow my husband managed to get rid of them but won't tell me how. I'm sure I probably don't want to know. I agree with Polly's path- time to get a cat! Good luck with your day *passes over another bucket of coffee* Hope all goes well! :)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Sharon, We had our initial mouse hunt. No Ma'am, we don't catch and release.

Polly, Saenz is allergic to cats. We found out in January. We gave away our beloved Topsy and Turvy so Saenz could basically breathe.

JEN, The mice are on this chicken's Wanted: DEAD posters. LOL

Hey Texan, We found three holes and plugged them with steel wool. I wish we could have cats. Really I do.

TALI, Takes bucket of coffee and passes iced Coke Zero back.