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Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing Is Better Than This!

I love when Saenz and Zephyr are rough housing.  Sure there have been accidents or someone gets hurt, tears, or harsh words.  But, the giggles and bonding when they play is flipping priceless.  Takes me back to when I was a child growing up as a latch key kid in Southren California with my sister.

Things I will miss when they are men:

The feel of arms clinging around my body
The smell after they have played outside
Footprints on a fresh mopped floor
Handprints on clean walls
Unwrapping gifts, tastes of unfamiliar foods
Caring for animals
Fresh tears, snotty noses, first crushes
Crayon scribbles in surprising places
Them nursing as infants, wrapped tight, warm against me
The sound of my name called 1 million times a day
The Ahh Haa moment when I have taught them something new
The jokes, celebrations, the firsts,
Scrapped knees and magic kisses
Hugs for no reason
The sweetness of their faces as they sleep
The trust it takes for them to: dream in my arms, sharing imaginary friends, come to me with questions, quiet their nightmares

Some things will never change:

The fear of them getting hurt, sick, wounded or not coming back
The uncertainity of them going out into the world

I could write a million more reasons why being their mom has meant more than anything else because, I grow everyday as they change. I just wanted to thank God, my husband and my boys for allowing me into their lives and blessing me with such love.


Jabacue said...

How sweet are those pics and lucky you are!

That 'lake' is an ocean.....but I can see that it could be a big lake now.

polly's path said...

very sweet post about your loves.

Judy's Corner said...


Couldn't agree more... and when they are 27 or 29 or whatever age, they will still evoke those feelings...and another...wonderment that they are such different individuals than you could ever have imagined, and thankful that you raised them with the courage and strength to be who they are...not just what you envisioned. Great gift, great gift!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Jabacue, I try everyday to remember to say thanks a few million times. LOL

Thanks Polly

Awe Judy, My favorite quote about children:

"Kids are not coloring pages that you fill in the way you wish."

Or something to that effect. So, happy you are recovering well. Remember no distracted driving, eh? LOL

Sharon said...

Nice post, Mal.

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Very Sentimental this week, month,
Good Job in highlighting your life! I love it!!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

I agree with jim
lovely warm photos and normal too!!!

CJ said...

Beautiful post Mal!