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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Do You Have Family Traditions?

Hubby had three children when we married in 1996 and I had none.  Talk about a bumpy ride trying to establish a family when the children were not only taken from their safety net after the divorce.  But, their new but EVIL, WICKED STEP-Mother had a strange outlook about many things. LOL

Mainly discipline (I was military and came from a strict upbringing.)

However, I did start a few new traditions for the kids.  (Sid 13, Junio 16, Saenz 6 mos, Lisa 10) One was since I was always watching my weight in the military -- mind you I am not a waif, more like an amazon with big ole butt and top to match.  I would have the birthday child after everyone had taken a slice, close their eyes, and then plunge their entire face into the sweet remains to devour the left over.  This made for the best photo opportunity ever and memories. 

The next was 'Junk Food Night on a carpet picnic' since, I was not big on buying or keeping junk foods in the house.  We would take the kids to the store and let them pick out 3 to 5 things each and then unload them onto a picnic blanket back home --- they could eat or drink what they wished but; once the night was over the left overs, LEFT.   I think one of these times SID, my billy goat tried sushi with me.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVED taking Sid out to eat; he would try anything.

The one tradition I loved the most was taking a picture of all the children together on the First Day of School.  I can hardly believe this will be the 15th school day photo on Monday.  Much has changed, Junio has had 3 children, Sid is still single bopping around in community college, Lisa has moved back home, Saenz has been pulled out of public school, and now we have beautiful Zephyr.  It makes me cry to think of all we have built together.


Texan said...

You are to funny, an Amazon?

Those sounds like some things kids would love.

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY, In my 'salad days' I was built like Joan on Mad Men. Chickie

Have you seen that AMC show. OMG I love the writing, acting and story lines. You should check it out.

Sharon said...

Traditions... well, we used to have quite a few, when the first batch was growing up, the first day of school pics, the Christmas Eve at my folks and Christmas Day at his folks. Time marches on, they grew up and the grand parents passed. I guess the only real tradition that we really had was with my youngest. On New Years Eve, we would have a picnic on the living room floor, with my wine glasses. We had sparkling cider or grape juice and one of those cheese, sausage, cracker gift packs. No tv, no music, just us talking. Now that he has grown, that tradition has also passed. I guess you could say that we are totally nontraditional.

polly's path said...

hey, chick.
let's see. We do have a few. We stop in the middle of the road for turtles. We do a PJ ride to the movie store every once in a while. We always go to a tree farm to pick and cut our christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving. We have traditions that evolve around certain foods that we make on certain days. We always have chocolate crepes on Saturday morning. We always grocery shop for the wee on Sat morning at 6:30am. We make our week's menu together. I always take a picture of my daughter blowing the candles in the same pose each year and put them in her b-day book. It has 21 pages, the idea is to give it to your child as a gift on her 21st birthday.
I am probably forgetting a bunch.
Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I get upset with myself that we don't have enough traditions. I see that we do indeed.

Chicken Boys said...

What a cool, but fair mom.

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Wonderful post! Made me stop and think about the traditions in my family. I love the idea of the birthday cake! That really would make for some really great photos! :)

Little Messy Missy said...

Those are great traditions. I always make cookies the first day of school so they can be nice and hot when the kids get home from the first day.

Judy's Corner said...

Oh yes, the family traditions.... LOL... In my family, with my first husband and the father of my children, Christmas morning ALWAYS began with hubby making fresh squeezed orange juice... he delighted in this tradition, though I have no idea why we started it...I was always making a special breakfast, and he was "helping"...
First day of school photos was another tradition. And, perhaps my favorite tradition was the annual decorating of the Christmas tree...all of the old familiar ornaments being inspected and stories of how they came to be being told for the umpteenth time, adding the ornaments made that year to add to the collective history...and arguing over how much tinsel was enough! LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...

Maybe ya'll share a phone call on holidays then, Sharon?

Polly, First year we were here I kept an umbrella with me to knock the turtles off the roads to keeping them from getting hit during the mating season. I used an umbrella after one of the 'randy' buggers lunged out me -- I kinda like my fingers on my hand. LOL I like the idea of a birthday book that sounds really neat.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Tally How is it up there in Alaska?

mixednut555 said...

My favorite tradition from when I was a kid has to do with the first snowfall. Our yard had a fairly steep hill going up to the back corner. When the first snow fell enough to stick, my siblings and I would take off our shoes and socks, run to the top of the hill barefoot and slide down it on a piece of cardboard or a plastic trash can lid. Once I fell off and slid on my butt, thus earning me the nickname of Sled-Bottom. My own kids lived in that same house for 5 years when they were young and we did the same barefoot thing on the first snow fall. My parents still live in that house and I am going to dare them to do our "tradition" on the first snowfall this year! Thanks for stirring my memory fires, Sistah.