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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grantham Assignment for Wk 6 with Dr. Morvey

I am just using my blog to answer a 'professional discussion' assignment.  In this course, we have been learning about how Killer Apps have changed the world.  The historical aspects can go back to simpler times with the invention of horseshoes later the electric bulb to modern online banking.  First our society moved from industrial gains to a more technological industry which brought changes to world with digital improvements in our daily lives.

The two books we have used for our classroom are:

Unleashing the Killer App: Digital Strategies For Market Dominance.  Larry Downes and Chunka Mui. Harvard Business School Press, 2000.
Emerging Information Techologies: Improving Decisions, Cooperation and Infrastructure.  Kenneth Kenall. Sage Publications, 1999.


Cat said...

Blog as app, perhaps?

I sometimes think that apps are overwhelming, when related to a certain phone. I told my BIL that it should have an app that allows you to make calls, as all of the things he showed me, wasn't something phones normally did.

But in a wider sense, apps, any improvement, generally, is a way to do something better, more efficiently, faster. Therefore, if that's the case, apps seem to be a good thing, in most cases. But I still like to knit with my needles. Don't have an app for that yet.



Judy's Corner said...

One frustration with ANYTHING technology related, is that the technology changes SOOO rapidly that a textbook about emerging technology written in 2000 or 1999 is PATHETICALLY out of date! I look back at the texts we used when I was getting my MS in Computer Science, Information Security, in 2001, and the texts were SO new, we had to use the errata links on-line to update our texts with the corrections...but that seriously is the only way these texts are useful...if they are very current. Now, as an historical REVIEW of technology, these are probably decent texts, but emerging technology published in 2000 is already at least three generations out of date!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Cat, I too love to crochet. I hope they never make an app for that! LOL Then there would go my peace and solitude.

Judy, I am very fortunate this course. It's the first text books I have thorougly enjoyed reading dealing with information technology. I can imagine the 'new' would be a problem with books. I suspect though my enjoyment has more with the writing skills of the authors since, they present their information in unspoiled manner. IE Not choked down with acronyms or industry stanadard speak. Hope that makes sense! LOL