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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Passport to India Begins Today

This is a neat way for kids to see other cultures.  What I noticed right off was Mr. Chris wore flip flops on his journey to India. I think that was a brilliant decision because feet swell on plane trips. 

Last week we recieved our passports and suitcase for the trip.
We also filled in our passports and discussed what we would take if we only had a small suitcase.  Personally from experience, I would only pack three days clothes and use my sink to wash as I needed.  I am a light packer because I hate carrying things.  The boys imagined what the 25 hour plane trip to Mumbai must have been like for Mr. Chris plus; going through security.  Zephyr has not been on an airplace since he was a fetus so has no idea how bored he would become.  Later we will be exploring maps and other websites to learn about India for tomorrow's exploration. Enjoy!  


Jabacue said...

I am, I am enjoying this! When to we leave for India? lol

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL JAB Did you get on the plane with Mr. Chris? Zephyr has been raiding dad's pockets for change. He is going to send the coins (I will write a donation check) to the kids in India. He wants to buy them dinner.

Sharon said...

Will they see how the kids from all economic levels do things or just the more affluent ones? Just curious.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Looks like an all inclusive. Mrs. Sharon don't quiet know yet.

Jana C. said...

I still haven't gotten our passport and suit case ! Can't wait.