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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Powerful Incentives for My Unemployed

I don't know about other home makers but, I grow weary of doing all the dishes (we don't have an electric dishwasher) and cooking for a family of five.  Hubby works six days a week most of the time lately so, means I get the bulk of the child care, child education, household, farm, finance, and book-keeping chores.  After five years, it kinda grates a body down.

This past few weeks, I have been trying something new to give myself a break.  One night a week, I have Saenz learn how to cook while Lisa washes dishes then the next night they swap.  Sounds perfect to me because I usually wind up cooking or cleaning four nights a week. 

On Sunday, hubby usually puts something on the grill and calls it bar-b-queing to which, I usually shake my head. 

 (To someone from Alabama 'Queing' doesn't happen on the grill ---- that is grilling.  Nor is 'Queing' grilled meat with Hunts Sauce dumped on it as an after thought however, I digress.)

Tonight's dinner found Saenz in the hopper to learn how to make MEAT LOAF.  Much to his chagrin; he found himself having put his hands into ground beef, egg, diced onions, spices and rolled oats to mix the ingrediants properly. 


"Okay," I replied "just switch dishes with Lisa and she will cook."

"OH NO! I will mix the meat there are too many dishes," and in went his hands.

I guess it's all a matter of what the powerful incentives are for folks who don't want to take less desireable jobs, eh?  Saenz's lessons tonight were not only learning how to cook, measure, keep track of time but, dealing with fine art of negotiating with momma.  

Can you imagine if after 6 months of unemployment ran out; the state said.  We will continue your unemployment if you Mr./Ms. Unemployed Citizen will volunteer twenty hours a week in a job that pays minimum wage.  No one I have known drawing unemployment spends 40 active hours a week searching for a job. 

NOT IN OUR AREA, to attain benefits persons only need to make 2 bi-weekly employer contacts. -- AGAIN I digress just don't get me started on unemployment benefits over six months.  

This is just a case of teaching the children in our home about personal responsibility.  I guess for myself, I want more from my children as humans and later as adults.  Saenz (12) and Lisa (19) need to be taught how to take care of themselves and in turn -- others. 

Here is the final thought:

Just being in a family is a job because everyone has to work together.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

I have been having a really rough week! I love your statement at the end. It is a big job, and very important. Thanks for sharing.


Cat said...

Yep. You want to eat, you need to know how to make eatables. You also need to know how to clean the stuff you eat ON, so you can eat again.

Very good things to teach the younger generation. And some of the not-so-younger, on occasion.


Sharon said...

Girl - you sound like you need some time alone in a cabin, at a spa, luxury hotel or a tent in the woods!

I have been there, done that and I even had the Doctor tell me to GET OUT and away from all that a few hours at least every other week.

Teaching a young'en to cook can be a trial or a breeze, just depends on the child. When #4 was 7 he was making peanut butter cookies and cleaning up the mess by himself. When #1 was a teenager, he made meatloaf - resembled dog food when finished. (He does cook now, LOL)

That's part of the joys of motherhood, and when we look back and remember - there is the joy!

mixednut555 said...

All day I wanted meatloaf! I'm proud of you, my friend, for teaching your children well.

polly's path said...

i know what you mean. My hubby has been on a project at work which has taken him out of the house each day for at least 14 hrs a day for the last 14 days. I am pretty much hating it, but it's a good thing for him, work-wise. I am in charge of school stuff, chores, animals, yard, garden, etc. It gets old. On top of working.
Our daughter knows she is expected to do chores and extra work, and if she wamnts anything extra, she knows she has to work for it-like a movie, or a video game, or whatever.
At the end, just like you pointed out, we are a family. We do what we gotta do.

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Oh halleluja! Another woman that knows how I feel! Hubby works 72 hour weeks at a job 270 miles away so I'm stuck doing all that for 3 days straight. By the time he gets home he's tired from the job,so add another day onto me. I am so greatful that my older ones really help me out. I can't believe Seanz is already learning how to cook meatloaf! That is really awesome! I better step up my game and teach my younger ones how to do a few things to help out around here :)