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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Deux: Pool, Roof Top, Elevator, Tram, and Park

The first night, not one of us slept well -- too excited maybe different bed probably. After we had breakfast the first morning down on the second floor of the hotel and waited for the rain to stop. Saenz and dad, took a nap because they were super tired. So Zephyr and I took off for the Cathedral, park and just plain ole exploring. These shots are from the 22nd and 23rd floor roof top pool, hot tubs and sundeck.

Cubby Bear is here cooling his hawt feet in the shallow end. 
Cubby is happy no one is around to push the elevator buttons because he is in charge of showing mom around the hotel.
YEAH! Dad and Saenz are up when we get back from sight seeing.  Off we go to see the Tower of Americas.
We got there from the hotel on Via's yellow line.
The tram driver was a tad cranky and the passengars just seemed pressed to go about their days.  Next picture is the DEAD ARMADILLO (Alamodome) as I call it.

HEE HEE, Saenz taking a pic of me taking a pic of them.  
The fountain park under the Tower of Americas.
More pics later..........


Grumpy Gramps said...

The pictures are great and Zephyr has grown so much.I am jealous,I sat here and ate hot dogs with coleslaw and you guys had pizza and cake.Tain't fair I tell you.

I can't get rid of this ID.It's one I used to sign in to a web site that I was booted off for having a big mouth.I created account after account just harassing them.LOL!!

Grumpy Gramps

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY!!!!!!!!! Zephyr says he will send you a cake. I have one more set of pics I need to put up -- will start on the next post. :O)

Thanks for the chicken, puppy, brother, father, sister and mother torture devices you sent for his birthday. LOL He loves them and has not put them down once.

Jabacue said...

You guys are having too much fun! Love the views too. Wish I had that pool here.

Sharon said...

I'm enjoying the tour, never been there! Awesome! Sure could use that pool today!

Judy's Corner said...

Love the tour...love the idea for the b-day...great that all worked out so well!...bet you are glad to be back in your own bed though!

mixednut555 said...