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Monday, October 4, 2010

Digging Out a Winter Garden

Hubby picked up a new push mower and a lovely garden tiller this weekend.  Each of us, adults gave the tiller a spin yesterday to start our winter garden.  Today it is so pretty out; the kids and I were sifting the dirt and picking up the grass and weeds.

Zephyr is happy to help even though he spilled his bubbles. 

Just call him:


Part of our school work was spent in the garden. 
Super dapper Banjo.
Supervisors Banjo and Sonic.
We were doing well enough without their constant eye.
This far in South Texas, we will be able to put in a separate tomato garden.  Yeppers, It rarely gets down into freezing here this early in the season.  So far, we will be putting in some broccoli (never tried it before), peppers, red bells, cabbage, carrots, taters, onions, beans, more herbs plus other different veggie seeds I have been saving. 

We are seeing hummingbirds still just not as many; good thing I kept the feeders up for the stragglers.  There is a plethora of dragonflies about as well.  Each evening we watch their mating dance and now butterflies are plentiful.  Not a bad way to spend half a school day eh?

Off to make a mac and cheese casserole for dinner! We hope ya'll are enjoying your slices of heaven as much as we are.   


Sharon said...

You have one thing that I would dearly love - real dirt! Lucky you to be putting in a garden now - we had frost warning for this morning, I like the cooler temps though, not going to complain! (YET! Give me time....)

The puppies seem to be growing and enjoying their time outdoors.

They call me Blue said...

Wow...I luv it...can't wait to get a tiller attachment to my new weedwacker...so I can get my gardens mixed in well...I saw one hummer this weekend...I thought they must have left...it's getting cooler here...so I imagine they will be moving farther south soon...have fun...great education for the kids and the doggies...luv ya...Blue

NURA said...

These kids happy with activities such as this,
I like kids.

2woofers said...

We had about 2 acres that we "gardened" when I was a kid. We spent the summer canning and freezing (and eating the stuff raw out in the field), in between other farm chores. My regret over the past couple of years is that I just haven't had the time to put a garden in. Great blog!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Sharon, I hope it grows veggies well. LOL I HOPE I HOPE

Nekkid Chicken said...

Blue, The Sears Man came and went. We are missing a special NUT for the platform on Huskie.

Hey NURA! What happened to the translator on your blog?

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Woofers, We would pick apples up from the ground and search them for worms. I may have eaten some.

Jen said...

Fabulous! A winter garden I would've never known. Enjoy it cuz I'll be in snow soon. Sigh

Jabacue said...

Give me a major break! A winter garden? Just can't get my head around that phrase! lol
Say hello to our hummingbirds who have left us for warmer climes.

mixednut555 said...

:) Dragonflies! Hummingbirds! Gardens! Love you!