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Friday, October 15, 2010

Officer Banjo Makes an Arresting Trick o Treater

We have just been so busy with nit noy things in our daily farm  lives. We are on our fall break after the first six weeks of home school -- yes, they got report cards. 

The boys Halloween costumes have come in; they can't wait to go Beeville's college festival.  We were so stoked; Banjo is even dressing up.  Unfortunately, he will have to bury his stash since his uniform has no pockets.

This week, our little man Zephyr will be celebrating his sixth birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese with a few friends  - we are hoping to meet Mrs. Jana, Quince and Emma. 

Then, his father and I will be taking them immediately to the Riverwalk in San Antonio for a two night, three day stay ---  a visit to the Alamo, Tower of Americas, Texan Institute of Cultures, and maybe if we have time the Ripley's Musuem.  Did ya'll know every artifact there has been authenticated? 

The experiences I want to share with the boys is walking in the water fountians under the view of the Tower of Americas, La Villita, and the beautiful architecture of San Antonio's older hotels plus all the different foods. 

We are so lucky with our boys, they love food and try almost anything.  I attribute this to all the foods I ate during:  pregnancy and breastfeeding; coupled with all the foods I love to learn how to cook. Lisa and I have been taking turns teaching Saenz how to cooked 'prepared' foods like Mac and Cheese and a few others.  I am hoping he develops a love to experimenting in the kitchen. 

Most of this afternoon, I browsed AMAZON's free Kindle downloads.  Ya'll, it only takes a minute to down load a regular size book about three for a textbook.  Did you know Kindle can hold 1200 to 1500 books?  It's an AMAZING gift we got from Grumpy Gramps, it will be well loved and used by our family for years to come.  Also, subscriptions can be bought for national  or local newpapers and magazines. WHO KNEW? LOL

There are also free downloads: Canning, Gardening, Cooking, you name your reading wish.

Well we are off to search for our hen eggs, to board up a hidey hole -- seems we have a skunk visiting, and farm chores.

Good Night,


Sharon said...

Banjo is so cute in that outfit!
Must be skunk mating season, lot of Ode de Phew in the air in the evenings.

Jana C. said...

We are stoked to finally meet you !!! Can't wait for the birthday party.