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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Passport to India Week 2

This week's lessons deal with:  poverty, childrens' Bible clubs, Indian hospitality, population,  teaching skills to help families survive, and just the joy of being human.  Click on the title of this post to see days 1 through 3 of Mr. Chris's journey to India.  Then click on the extras.


A rupee is about 2 cents.  1 in 6 people in the world are Indian or Chinese. The United States is the third most populace country.

The one part of the lessons made me ponder was Sarita on Day Two.  Later, Saenz and I will be discussing topics of morality versus the human need of feeding oneself or family.  Would you steal in order to feed your family?  

I do believe there are times in life when a crying child needs must be met either by hook (craftiness) or crook (theft).  In America, we are fortunate in that we can find outreach programs like Angel Food, churches, and food pantries.

However, when those sources dry up..... what will people in need do?  I know we are supposed to pray and meditate, ask for guidance through prayer. 

As a mother, I would probably steal so I could feed my children but, would not ask my child to steal for me.  I would have to exhaust all other options first before I chose to steal. 

 So, later Saenz and I will be discussing more the issue of 'trying' not to judge people because sometimes their motives for doing are for a higher purpose other than legal, greed, or moral eye can see.  I am not saying theft is right.  I am saying the hunger pangs or need of for medications are a tougher issue to deal with when your child has nothing.

Steps off pondering box.........


Sharon said...

Good Morning Mal!
Thank you for nice comment on my blog!
Now, if given no other choice, yes, I would steal to feed my children, but not myself. I would not let my children go hungry if I could be smart enough. Of course, now that my children are grown and on their own, it would not apply.
We, here in America, have many resources, while other countries do not.
I'm sure the boys trip to India, is opening their eyes to how fortunate they are.

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Very good blog. I was thinking the same things to my self while I was reading her story. What a horrible decision to have to make for a child. Do I play at the Bible Church with the other kids, or do I steal to feed my family? So sad. It made my kids realize how lucky they really are.