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Thursday, October 14, 2010

We All Pitch In

This is what we have been up to since hubby's lasik.  I taught Lisa how to 'adore' my Husky.  Both to me are beautiful and should be treated with respect.

Zephyr has the fever to learn how to use weapons.  Saenz wants to learn guitar.  Hubby wants a job closer to home.  And I was surprised to open another box to find a beautiful Kindle sent by Grumpy Gramps.  My first download will be:

'The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution,' by W.C. Nell printed in 1855.  Plus other hard to find books, I may only be able to download electronically & for free on Amazon, Internet Archive, Library of Congress, plus other sites.  What is cool is; I can find books from all over the place and have them safely within my greedy book consuming hands in no time. 

I am a bit odd I know but, feel if I am going to use a tool like television, computer, Kindle; I might as well be stuffing the organ I call my brain like a sponge.

I did want to pass on this link to the contributions of Hispanic people in America and milestones.


Back On Topic:

Now on to other things I have been thinking about.   Isn't it funny how without the proper knowledge or language to ask; a person can be stuck in a rut?  By this I mean, if I don't know which questions to ask I may never learn of amazing things just like the 'free' Kindle download from libraries across the world.  Which is why education is never a waste.  Questions are never silly unless intended.  And KNOWLEDGE is a blessing, priviledge, or hard won fight. 

Imagine this world 40 years from now.  I grew up when television was limited to three channels, the phone cord was 2 feet long, and checks took two weeks to clear the bank, and computers were not a standard piece of  home equipment. That is just a teensy example of the world we lived in only far back as the 70s.  All I know is, everytime I teach my children a new 'tool' perhaps, they in turn may look back to learn more of themselves. 

Thanks to Grumpy Gramps, you do not know of the worlds you have opened up to my family by your gifts.


Sharon said...

Hi Mal!
Sounds like everything is going just great! How far does your hubby go to work? I haven't seen mine for over 1 1/2 weeks, will be that much or more till he gets done with this job. He's just happy to be working!
The cooler weather is probably as welcome to you all, as it is to us here!
That Kindle sounds like a wonderful tool!

Nekkid Chicken said...

1 hr and a half each way, Ms. Sharon. Thus adds 3 hrs per workday. He is happy for the job it just gets old with all the mandated OT. We are fortunate and have been able to pay down our debts due to his job.

I know you must be lonely at night. I miss my hubby at close of day when we usually work together as a family. Yes, we so love the weather, what a blessing from the heat.

polly's path said...

my hubby has been wanting to get the eye surgery, we'll see. He goes back and forth about it. I hope my limited connection lets this comment go through. Missed you, hope to be back online soon.
We will be spending the weekend fencing in our bottom property and enjoying the cooler weather-I hope yours is good, too!

Jabacue said...

You better be careful! With the fantastic education you are providing your family, word may 'get out' about the good job you are doing. Then you will be inundated with requests for help!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Gosh Polly, I have missed reading your updates. WAITING WITH BAITED BREATH.

Blushes @ Jabacue's remarks. AWE shucks. :O)