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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SCOTUS and Free Speech at Funerals

Mind you, I am all for free speech and I wonder if the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) will decide in the church's favor. 

The case involving the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at military funerals against gays is appalling act of cowardice by conservative (extremists -- ahem verbal terrorists). The church is not only using Christian tenats (out of context) but, complete strangers' darkest moments in life (burying a child) to further their agenda of hate vice Christian love.  

I feel blown back by this one because:

1.  Military funerals are private affairs for family, peers, co-workers and friends. 

2.  Yet, on the other hand; as military members we become a non-verbal spokesperson for the American government -- an in effect become 'public figures' even in death. 

3.  The Westboro church is protesting the military's tolerance of allowing gays to serve under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." (Like this will be the end of the family unit.)

4.  Margie Phelps said, "If you want them to stop dying, stop sinning." 


Really? Is life this simple? If I sin does that mean another servicemember will die in combat. Astonishing fallacious reasoning there. 

5.  To make the comparision to this case and the possible building of a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero; churns my butter as well.  How can the two be similiar other than folks have died in a voilent act? 

So Ladies and Gents, what do you think?  I for one would probably lose my ever loving mind to have a HATE GROUP at a friend's or family member's funeral giving thanks for their death and protesting.   My rational mind though tells me; they have a right to protest (free speech) since I wore the uniform for twenty years on their behalf.

My emotional self on the other hand; is not so admirable.
kicks soap box aside to leave


Sharon said...

Hadn't read about this, sorry. I believe if the family of the deceased does not want certain people and their free speech at their beloved's funeral, I feel the interlopers should be forcefully removed, they have no business there! What about our rights to privacy?

I just woke up from one of my involuntary naps, I hope I make sense and this is relative to the subject at hand,

Jabacue said...

Heard about this on the news today. They are just like any other extremist.....using their interpretation of doctrine to suit their uneducated, mundane, stupid, illogical, short-sighted, unfounded, ignorant, bullish, Neanderthal purposes. What ever THEY may be. They are terrorists in their own way. Yet, they have a right to say what they want. It's up to us to either not give them the publicity, or educate the public about them.

Cat said...

I completely despise the attitude that these so-called "christians" have. That being said, sewage filth or not, they have a right in this country to say it.

What I am not so sure of is the right to privacy. When groups march, when they 'congregate', they have to have police permits, have to be in certain places, etc. After reading the CNN article, I think that's more what they are focussing on. I would hope that SCOTUS might rule that someone should have the right to be dead in peace, but there might be other factors I don't know about.

I also know quite a few veterans with motorcycles that make sure they form a visible, (and noisy, if they have to) barrier to these "christians". Think several dozen Harleys in a line. I am so hoping that these "christians" don't turn around and sue them. This could turn into a sad, rediculous waste, IMO.


Jana C. said...

I believe in free speech, even for those I don't agree with.

But I feel a funeral is a private thing. If the must protest let them do it far down the road.

Cause I am telling you that is someone tried that crap with a family member of mine. Someone would have to bail me out of jail.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

OK-lady first off thanks for the 20 years!!!!!!!!!

2Nd! What is our world coming to? Have some respect for the dead and their family. My heart is sad.

Focus on the good in the world not the sad, bad and ugly. You are a great mother and inspiration to all who follow you. You bust your butt for a better life, for you and your family. My hat is off to you my dear. We have to live in the world but, not always OF the world.

Take care-

mixednut555 said...

This is sad

Theladywhotalkstorocks said...

Great subject Mal
As we know, people protest to gain attention from higher sources to get their demands out and gain public supporters to have their organization grow.
In this, They have achieved.
Not only, have they achieved national acknowledgement, they have also brought to our attention on how the loosely the constitution can be translated, much like the bible.

Their actions were called "Inhuman" when in fact their actions are very human,
and this is what needs to change.

Humans are known to kill for power, greed, money, sex, lies and well even secrets.
But yet you see them begging on the sides of the road for food..

Now wait, Animals kill for territory,defense and food.

Something is wrong here.

Thinking I should attend one of these funerals with a SAVE THE KITTENS poster to see if I'd get as much media attention as some hate promoting group..

Why is it, Only the hate makes the news?

As for the courts decision, I will not be surprised if they honor the "cult" first admendment right instead of those who fight and die so we can have our first admendment rights.

Very sad indeed!
My support and thoughts go out to the families (Regardless of their bedroom behavior)

Nekkid Chicken said...

To All:

I think why I am even dwelling on this at is multi-faceted.

Will our Constitutional rights change over this?

How folks, can use their own agendas to further a cause that is to me lopsided with hate instead of humanity.

We as a society have NO BOUNDARIES to force ourselves on others.

This father had just one chance to honor his son's (fallen hero) memory by giving him a traditional funeral. Of all organizations' a church chose to protest albeit, not graveside but, there at the funeral.

Everytime, I think I understand people or 'group think,' I am slapped back down to size. We are losing our vested interest in being human beings. JMHO