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Sunday, October 24, 2010

TROIS: Going UP!, The View, War Games

Waiting for the elevator up to the revolving restaurant atop the tower the sun was getting warm by this time of day.
Do you see the flower in the middle of the picture?  That is La Villita which now features local artists and shops.  We did not take them here this time but, we will some day because there are lots of historical sites within the village and best yet --- authentic Mexican foods.

To me, foods are the backbone of any culture because we all need to eat and usually our home cooking is one of the biggest contributors to our families, security, and past.  JMHO

  There is a walking tour to sign up for; we just did not have the time on this trip.  Our hotel (DRURY PLAZA) has the 'television' on top. LOL Zephyr's explanation not ours.  From this picture you can see most of downtown San Antonio area plus how far San Antonio has grown over the last twenty years.

Zephyr had another surprise awaiting him when we got home yesterday morning.  Grumpy Gramps had sent him a Nerf Laser tag game.  He and Saenz have not given us a break since. LOL
Here Zephyr is going to launch his attack on Saenz -- who deserved it!   
Do you see his war face?

Now is our day of rest, I really do wish to thank Jana C, Sobrina, Jennifer and all their family members who made Zephyr's birthday party so memorable.  We would have not have had such a great time without Ya'll.

The next two weeks, Lisa will be spending time with her mom in San Antonio. SNIFF SNIFF we and the chickens will miss her. ~:> 

The boys and I will be making cookies all week in an effort to learn not only cooking and measuring but, in a fun way fractions.  Grumpy Gramps will be receiving homemade box(es)  from the heart -- fresh cookies; he gets the yum yums and we get the math skills.  Nice trade eh?


Sharon said...

Love the "War Face", it cracks me up, he really means it! LOL!

Jabacue said...

Oh to be a kid again!

Judy's Corner said...

What a cutie!!!

Wonderful to have such great friends to help make a little boy's birthday an awesome one!

Now, get some rest!

Greg said...

It looks like everyone had a great time! You have to love the war face

Nekkid Chicken said...

Ladies and Gents, We are truly blessed. :O) And I just love the WAR FACE! He has such a spark of temper it's not even funny.

mixednut555 said...

That War Face rivals the war faces U'i makes! I'd love to see those two take each other on. Of course when you COME VISIT, that can happen. Hugs to you.