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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Basket Runneth Over

What do you do when you find 70 yard eggs in one day?  Why many things of course!  However, this Momma Hen decided to teach our sons how to make powdered eggs since, we are learning how to 'Waste Not, Want Not' with our food supply.
First you make sure your eggs are clean and float them for freshness.  If the eggs, don't lay in the bottom of a water bath promptly give to our hogs.  
Next beat 18 eggs until nice and mixed. Notice how orange yellow the color is?  We free range our layers, they only get co-op bought scratch grain to finish out their meals inside the coop at sunset (no antiboditics in layer feed allowed. All shells are given back to our hens to replenish their calcium. 

Scramble eggs (just whites or yolks) do not add spices or salt.
 Layer into dehydrator after eggs have cooled a bit.  Leave until eggs are little hard nuggets.  Then remove and add to a really good blender, food processor to powder.  My choice is a coffee grinder I keep on hand (it has not ground coffee.)
Saenz learned how to make butter from whipping cream.  He shook this jar for 8 minutes then he was rewarded with this:
Which he and his brother spread on bread and fought over who was eating too much. LOL
Have Ya'll tried the silicon baking pans for cakes and such?  I love them! No greasing nor flouring pans.  This one has a tab you can use to remove it from a hot oven.  Yes, they are kinda wobbly when placing into the oven so, I just put them on a pizza sheet.  The pans are easy to clean except for the bundt cake pan.  That one drives me bonkers trying to clean but, I still love the idea of not adding unnecessary fat to my dishes.  I have gotten 3 rounds,  3 loaf and  3 bundt on eBay for $45 total to include shipping.  Just sign up for the daily eBay specials newletters and you will be notified when a seller has them on special.  Best gift ever to myself!

Off to get the carrot cake out of the oven.


Sharon said...

Very interesting lesson on the powdered eggs! I had no clue. Also, the water check, can you use that on eggs that may or may not be "out of date"?
Think I would like a couple of those pans!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Yes Mrs. Sharon the water test works. I will not use an egg if its bottom rises up under water. And those pans are a blessing, take temps to 500F but, I only use them for breads, sweets, and cakes. Don't think they are for meat dishes.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Next lesson:

Buttermilk from milk.

And how to freeze eggs for a deep freezer. :O) Saved me oodles when the hens go off laying.

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Wow! What a great post! You are so talented! I'm going to have to try all of these! Thank you for the post.

Greg said...

sweet, I never knew that, thanks!

rockonaudi said...

Wow! I have a dehydrator but never would have thought of that! Wise woman, Mal!!!!! Great planning! Of course I don't raise chickens or duckes either but I may someday and I will be all the wiser thanks to YOU! Great post, gf! ((((big hugs))) ♥

Melodie said...

Well that is very interesting! I had know clue how to make powdered eggs!I definitely could have done this in the spring when I had egg overload!

Jennifer said...

Interesting, I had no idea how to make powdered eggs like that! Wow, 70 eggs? How many chickens do you have?

Jennifer said...

Interesting, I had no idea how to make powdered eggs like that! Wow, 70 eggs? How many chickens do you have?

Nekkid Chicken said...

Jen, We have about 55 layers.