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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ellen is Right Please Share

Bullying was the number one reason why, we pulled Saenz out of public school.  Not only by students but, teachers held blame as well.  For an adult to not take a complaint of bullying as true ---- is in fact; (indirect) BULLYING. 


I know I can not tolerate, or look away, and will step up if I feel someone is bullying or causing another harm.  Four suicides is a horrible tragedy especially over preceptions of sexual preferences.  Those four young men did not know of themselves yet; and to be bullyied  until they wanted to die just makes me cry.  We need to teach our children empathy for each other especially during those formative -- trying years of young adulthood.  

Please lets teach our children to respect others right to the pursuit of a happy life no matter their:  color, appearance, social background, sexual orientation, religion, dress and culture. 

The 'children' / adults that had a hand in the deaths of four other human beings will have to carry their crimes against another's humanity on their souls for the rest of their lives and may face jail time.  WE ALL WILL CARRY THEIR BURDEN; because we did not 'SEE' the victims.

Ellen: Important Message (only one minute and 45 seconds)
I too grieve with her this week.


Jabacue said...

Thanks so much for posting this and your very moving and meaningful comments. I will post this on my blog as well. Thanks so much and well done.

Jennifer said...

I completely agree. I saw this on Facebook today. It just breaks my heart when I think about the loss their family is going through and even more when I think about and wonder what kind of people they would have been, what they would have done in their lives and what contributions they would make to the world around them. We will never know. It is just so sad.

Laston M Nainggolan said...

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