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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Adjusting to Dad's Shift Change, etc

It is a nice change of pace to have hubby here in the a.m.; he works with Zephyr on his elementary skills.  I just sit and listen to father and son working together and my heart swells with joy.  As far as how school is going, Zephyr is really getting a grip on math skills, can now write all his ABCs, almost has the letter sounds down, and can spell about 20 words.  WOOO HOO, we keep practicing his reading and he is well on his way.

Saenz thoroughly enjoys math now.  His first week with Teaching Textbook 5 is a sucess and he just took his first quiz with a whopping 96% score that is tracked by the softwares gradebook. (YEAH! best investment ever -- thanks for the heads up Melodie.)  I also have him practing a computer based typing program that flipping fantastic which also has games, tests,  and tracks his progress.  He is picking up typing which, I feel is critical for later sucess in writing papers in all subjects.

Next week, through Sonlight we will be going to India via the computer to learn about their culture.  The program is called Mission to India -- is free, complete with a passport for each child to fill out the questions per lesson, paper suitcase and starts on the 5th of October. 

My Alaskan connection, Tali has clued us into this link  http://www.c-spanclassroom.org/Special-Offers.aspx which offers homeschoolers help online with lessons and ideas plus a free US President timeline poster, can't wait to get this freebie to add to our history, social studies, and current events lessons.  NICE FIND! 

NOW, there is one other thing I would love to pass on to ya'll.  I am a huge fan of Spanish guitar music.  By accident one day trolling on Swagbucks, they were highlighting an artist call Benise.  Well I got curious of course, our eyes lead us sometimes to marvelous discoveries.  His full name is Roni Benise, is American, and has been growing a rather large following. 

Just, this morning I have downloaded his album SENTIMENTO ($8.99 for the entire MP3 album) from Amazon.  His other albums I would recommend are Cuba and Mediterranea; love them and will probably purchase later.   I don't know there is just something magical about Spanish guitar playing in the fall when the world is changing its outlook and turning inward.

OOPS, I almost forgot.  I found this article over at Jana's about the TODAYshow reporting on the homeschool growth.  Check it out if you have a chance.  http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/38279389/ns/today-parenting/


Sharon said...

It sounds like school is in full swing and going really well! That's great that Dad can take part in the learning process!


Jennifer said...

So much cool new stuff to learn! Changing shifts can be hard. My husband just went to day shift after years on nights. He is having a hard time adjusting (while I LOVE the more "normal" schedule.) Sounds like the change in your house is a good thing though!

Jabacue said...

Your children are so fortunate! You should be very proud of yourselves giving them an invaluable education for which they will be forever grateful.

NURA said...

I am happy, if children can read and clever mathematics.