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Monday, September 27, 2010

Menudo Monday, Listening to Nature

Well Ladies and Gents,

It's official, autumn is here.  Though we purchased two more hummingbird feeders and hung them outside just this passed Saturday.  The birds knew something we did not; and they migrated due to the cold front that moved down to South Texas last night.  This means basically hurricane season is mostly over for us.  Fall is in full swing, it was 68 degrees this morning with a chilly bite to the wind this morning. 

Yesterday, I put on a crock pot of menudo after noticing no more hummingbirds.  It is a nice way to start your day with a warm bowl of yum yum.  I have been modifying this recipe for months trying to find the right blend so, my boys will develop a taste for dishes of their father's heritage.  The one ingrediant that can not be skimped on is; split pigs feet.  This meat is what gives the bowl its unique flavor but, I have found if I just lessen the red chili, tripe, plus add two cans of tomato sauce; it is more mellow and the boys will eat it.  As they grow accustom; I will rachet the authenticity up a few notches.

Banjo has discovered the joy of shooing chickens.  He was so funny this morning; when I was letting the ladies out in the yard.  He is only one third of their size but, he no longer shrieks in terror when a rooster crows.

Hubby starts second shift today and for the next two months will be leaving around 11:30 til almost midnight.  It's a weird thing to see his sleepy face on a Monday but, I will take it. LOL

ENJOY! Your slices of heaven, later I will be mowing in ours.


Sharon said...

Really enjoying the brisk morning!
Fall... at last! (at least I hope so!)

Greg said...

I love fall, my best season

Talitha D'Andrea said...

LOL! I was wondering if you add all those authentic ingredients to your Menudo. My Aunt used to make it for me. I used to love the smell of it on Thanksgiving, but honestly have never tried it because she added EVERYTHING to it.
It's already snowing here in Alaska. So much for my Autumn.