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Thursday, September 16, 2010

When You Are Married to a Close Enough to Perfect Saint

Today, fourteen years ago; I gave up my wanderlust ways and settled down.  No more just flighting off or taking my first vehicle a 1995 Ford Ranger, 'Bubba Junior' off -- down a dusty Texas road to find adventure, take photos, party, and learn about myself.  It was a tough adjustment going from being single with no roots; to being a full time mom, wife, and married airman.  Mind you, while I was a free spirit; to keep the house going and myself in the military; we needed discipline and a routine.  

Hubby came from a tradiitional Mexican family and was used to deferring to his ex when dealing with the upkeep of the home and children.  I had no idea about: dealing with an angry ex-wife, clothing, child dreams and expectations, child resentment and scorn, schools, medical, shots, dental, little league nor, the bubbling angst directed at me for 'wanting to take the place of their mother.'  (WHICH, I never did want to happen.)

We had many clashes that first year.  First, I had to take off quite a bit from the job and get the kids enrolled and up to date in the military dependant care.   WHO KNEW there was so much to do?  I must admit here that hubby, was so calm through it all and was our family's fulcrum.

Not only did he referee the anxiety of the children, dealt with a really pissed off ex-wife, and frustration of my learning the ropes of parenthood; he gracefully kept his humor.  Those first three years together were a trial by fire; I must admit sometimes I was too rigid but, I had a career to protect. 

We all made mistakes, we all had great times, we all got angry but -- most of all --we all loved each other with a fierceness that helped us get to where we are today.  So to my dear husband, I leave you with this song from our second year of marriage since, it always puts a smile on my face; even our children know the 'special meaning' it holds to each of us.

Happy Anniversary, May We Share Another 50. :O)


Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Wishing you many more!

Judy's Corner said...

Happy Anniversary, Mal... keep on keepin' on!

(My word verification word is "milimism"... cute, huh?)

polly's path said...

happy anniversary!!!!!