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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Living Medal of Honor Recipient SPC Salvatore Guinta

This honor has only been given 6 others posthumously since, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars started 9 years ago, SPC Guinta is to be this first living recipiant. 


I know ya'll don't follow such things but, I am keenly interested.  While our troops are 'doing their job and following their training' and saving the lives of the countless.  Our legislators, are clueless about military service and sacrifice.  I am quiet sure no 'living' Solider, Seaman, Airman or Marine goes to battle thinking if:

"If I crossed my 'T's' and dot my 'I's' just right in the event of my death in battle I will be awarded the Medal of Honor." (That is not what service to country is all about.)

Sometimes I just wish our civilian leaders had to put time into the military before taking the Oath of Office to lead our country.  Nothing crazy just say a regular tour of four years.  Perhaps then Congress would then understand what makes our cadre of young, willing to die for an ideal. Our military is the backbone of the of this nation who, after being wounded can still pick up, defend their brothers, and carry on honorably.   

On this day of National Mourning, I hope gentle readers who pass here take the time to honor the victims of 9/11 with something other than yard sales, tag sales, and other such things.  My family and I will be adding an American Flag to our house, giving prayers silently to those who died that day and the nine years since the terrorists chose our nation.

Saluting Silently All the Warriors Who Continue to Serve.....

NOTE: To those interested, this solider is an ARMY E-6 now.


John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

9/11/// mal,
still it haunts everyone and brings tears to your eyes....

good post

Sharon said...

I agree, ALL of or our "public servants" should have a 4 yr tour under their belt before they qualify to serve us and make our laws.

Judy's Corner said...

Today I remembered... and I will not forget tomorrow, or the next day or the day after that... this is just something that "stays" with you...