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Monday, September 6, 2010

As Promised, So Many I Lost Count


Several of them came right up to my face to stare at the strangeness of me. :O)

My Kodak did not know which one to focus on but, you can hear them chirping and clicking with that really angry sound like a high pitched giggle.  Most of these are ruby throated hummingbirds. I do believe I did see one or two of the  black-chinned and another was all green with a purple head (never have seen before).   I saw one male so close I could see the outline of his chest feathers.  At one point, I could count easily ten of them just hanging about fussing at each other.

You do know the season is changing right?
I made this video on blogger.  Next video -- wonder pups Banjo and Sonic starring in 'WHAT THE HAY, IS A CHICKEN?'


Sharon said...

They sure can be aggressive! I have seen on pull another away from the feeder by her beak! Maybe more feeders will be required next year. They often come back to the same yard in the spring, first you get the "scouts" and in about a week, the families arrive, they are so interesting to watch!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

First off what is the weather down there doing to you???? I am watching the news and you are close to the 6-12 inches of rain area. Keep us blogging friends in the loop. We are South of Houston if you need to evacuate.You could drive it in 3 hours form San Antonio. Not sure what direction you are coming from to that point. But that is where the dogs came from so it must be within driving area. Then again as the hurricane season changes we may need to go North.
Ok- the hummingbirds are adorable. I loved them as a child and I am fascinated about them now.


Kelle said...

Thanks for sharing that, we feel blessed to see our one little hummingbird here and it is not a colorful one either but we enjoy watching it all the same.
Blessings for your weekend,