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Monday, September 13, 2010

Bunnies Galore, Puppy Update

Just about everywhere we go in the yard; there are wild rabbits.  Sometimes, one can approach them within about three feet.  If we were living off the land I am sure we could snare trap them.  It is quiet startling to have one bolt right in front of you in the evening when you least expect it. 

Puppy Update: Banjo and Sonic have settled into our routine.  We do not allow rough housing between them and the boys since, Lisa and I want calm dogs who know their place.  That does not stop Saenz and Zephyr from playing with the pups.  It's a fine line for both sets to learn their place within our pack.

Hubby put up our American Flag.  Now our little homeschool has a place to say the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning.  I explained to Saenz this weekend of the importance to me for my children to understand the need for paying respects to the American Flag.  Before our conversation, he would stumble through and not pay attention.  Once, I told him warriors, citizens, and allies have died fighting under our flag; he started to get the idea.  The flag may just be a symbol to some but, in our home it is one of the ideals I subscribe to:

Honor, Justice, Integrity, and most of all Freedom under a common bond and belief system.  I will be adding many lessons about the historical birth of the Stars and Stripes along with its progression in design. 

Let me just say here; I took basically last week off to just chill away from school for myself.  It was a blessing to finally be done with my last course.   I still have 6 classes to attain my goal of a master's in communication but, it was just too much to keep up with the boys progress and study late into the night for my classes.  I will finish the degree just at another time when I do not have to monitor Saenz as closely.

Here I want to pass onto you a recommendation to watch "The Cove."  It's a documentary that covers the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.  Seems the government and fishermen there herd thousands of dolphins (several types) into a cove, pick out  the ones for sale to places like Sea World and then kill the rest for sale to the public. 

Dolphin meat is contaminated with lead. This meat was being added to school lunches in Japan.  The whole process is just deplorable so I joined a Facebook cause and signed the petition to the Japanese government.

These small whales are precious; over fishing them for profit is a horrendous endeavor.  Just my humble opinion.


Sharon said...

I actually saw a bunny in the yard the other day - sure hope the neighbor dogs didn't see him! You seem to have a yard full!

Yes, best not to let the boys get too carried away with the pups. My little Nipper go his leg broke, running with the kids and one of them ran through him. The vet made a cast with a crutch for him, poor little guy kept getting hung up under the bed!

I am remembering one of the schools that the kids went to - they did not say the pledge of allegiance in the morning, let me tell you, I had a rather harsh discussion with the principal! That was like 30 years ago!

polly's path said...

we have bunnies here too, I have to make sure my cats don't try to catch them to offer up as a gift to me at the front step.
Puppyhood is hard work for the human mom-we were lucky we got Bird during the summer when we all had more time to train her. She is a handful.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

My hubby and I watched The Cove last Christmas season... Shocking. This is just one subject. I am sure goverment agencies all over the world hide the bad things that really go on.

Good luck finding your groove.


Texan said...

Bunnies are most plentiful around here as well!

Not making light at all about the dolphins.. but the entire meat industry, from A to Z in my humble vegetairan opinion... well someone get a notebook or 1000 and lets make a list!

I am appalled at what is in the meats that people eat every single day, and the care, or lack there of, of animals...:O(...

Its not that I think the whole world needs to be vegetarian. Its the conditions, and what is allowed to be used to raise them and I use the term raise loosely here, then humans eat it.

One more thing that needs fixing!

Texan said...

um I do know how to spell Vegetarian..geesh the fingers and the brain didn't work well together on that one lol...

Melodie said...

I saw that show...terrible! I agree with Texan..our meat industry on a whole is disgusting from the way the animals are raised to the conditions of feed and slaughter houses.I know we need to feed the masses but there are better ,safer ways.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

The cove

if anything will make a person cry
this film will