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Friday, September 10, 2010

Flabbergasted, At Texas State Aquarium (TSA)

This year I wrote about how excited I was to begin homeschooling.  This means many sacrifices in the arena of being: a one income family, tightening belts, putting my career on hold, and not contributing to my social security.  BUT, I am and was willing to forego those intangible things so my sons could receive the best education we could afford at home.

We purchased a year's family membership to the Texas State Aquarium.  This year in their brochure sent to those who purchased an annual membership -- on page 15; an announcment was printed about opening more 'dates' for homeschooling FAMILY events. I was so stoked I told our homeschooling co-op -- thirty families mind you.

Then all is well until a parent (blogger friend Jana C) called to reserve slots only to find out no child under four is allowed to attend (not participate). ATTEND say on a parent's hip or in a stroller.

Does the TSA not have a clue? 


I mean many homeschoolers can not afford to have an on hand baby sitter to leave smaller children behind.  That is just incredulous to me; an event -- advertised as FAMILY excludes its youngest members from being passive observers. 

Another point, I wanted to have access to the best museums, parks, and other public/private educational exhibits to spark an appreciation for all things life has to offer in our sons.  I am upset because this was a not well thought out decision by the TSA.  And now since their decision has set limits on our homeschooling community I must decide to either:  put the TSA on my exculsion list for further purchases when our membership expires in 2011, or duck my weary head in the sand, and protest.

I choose protest.

Jana C.  We may join you in supporting the Rock Port Area vice Corpus Christi.  I too am as mad as a wet hen right now. ~:>


Sharon said...

Not really knowing TSA, one would think (oh oh, assume) that family, meant family, not selected persons with the same last name, over the age of four.


Jana C. said...

I am as livid as you. I am a long time member of the Texas State Aquarium. I am just blown over by this rule !! I will not purchase another membership until it is changed.