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Friday, September 24, 2010

Pet Peevee of the Day

I was taken aback yesterday at the anger of blogger standers by; who were cheering the execution of the Virginia woman convicted of murder for hire of her husband and step son.  While I find her act thoroughly deplorable; I find cruelty also reprehensible in any form. 

An article here but; there is much more to the story.

I saw these comments and wondered; where is the compassion? 

"I sure hope this woman dies tonight."


"eye for an eye"

Two wrongs do not make a right or lift those who mete out a vigilante justice to humane nor sane. 

Did you know when a prisoner is put to death by a state by whatever method; their cause of death is listed as MURDER?  

Did you know lethal injection is not painless?  Drugs do not work well on everyone. 

I understand the people who chose to commit atrocious acts against humanity are horrible. Consider this as a another point:

States who seek the death penalty pay a heavy price.  Death row prisoners costs state governments thrice more a year to: investigate, try, sentence, house, keep death row prisoners healthy, fight their right to appeals, special handling, and other safe guards.   

Have I ever known any one who has been murdered? Yes, quite a few actually and it tore my world apart.  Was I angry the persons who took the lives of those I knew and loved in such a horrible way..... HELL YES

But, I can not applaud a murder in any form.

Here is another baliwick to consider for folks who tout the Old Testament (Ex. 21:23, 24; Lev. 24:19, 20; and Deut. 19:21) lines must also consider Jesus in the New Testament. He implored those who were wronged against to rise above the evil nature and acts of other men in Matthew 5:38-42.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I reason with all who pass.  To shore up your faith and trust in higher powers to whom you ascribe.

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Kids and Canning Jars said...

I do agree with the death penalty. But, it is foolish to gloat on the Internet. One's death does affect and effect others. Even if it was by the death penalty... They were someones, friend, family member, and most importantly a child of a lovingly Heavenly Father. So, even though I do support it , it is still sad and hard to accept.

Good luck sorting your feelings out. Sorry it got under your skin yesterday.


Linda said...

Yup, I wouldn't even be excepted for jury duty... thankfully.

Aimee said...

Thanks for this. I am almost entirely against the death penalty - the quote I choose to illustrate my position is not from the bible but from Tolkein. In the Mines of Moria, Galndalf is telling the story of Bilbo and Gollum. Frodo says "it's a pity he didn't kill Gollum when he had the chance! He deserved to die." Gandalf answers: "Deserved to! I dare say he did. And many who die deserve life. Can you give it to them?"

The Lord says "Vengeance is mine" not because he means we should not usurp his powers, but because we cannot. We do not have the power to mete out justice. Justice is God's.

I do believe in the death penalty in one solitary instance - when a murderer escapes prison and re-offends (not necessarily murders again, but commits any violent crime). When a man has shown that he cannot be controlled in any way short of being put of to death, then we must kill him in order to protect the public.

But those cases are extremely rare. Only one springs to mind, and that's Ted Bundy. He escaped three times and killed each time he escaped. He should have been killed sooner.